Hiya there. Welcome, welcome, to my little hideaway on the interwebs.

Let's see. About me. I'm a 30 - something writer of M/M romance fiction. I enjoy all sorts of different genres, including contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy.

But that's not all. I'm also a single, yet happily partnered, mother of two wild teenagers and a little orange kitty. They all run me ragged. I'm from the great state of Nebraska and enjoy all of life's simple treasures here in the state such as fishing and camping.

I also do a lot of computer gaming, too much at times, digital painting with Photoshop, and other random things. I graduated with an associates degree in Computer Repair.

Check out the blog and say HI! I love meeting new people.

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See, that "About me" is a lot funner than this old one:

Azalea Moone is a 30 – something writer of M/M romance fiction mostly of contemporary and paranormal, but with a love for historicals and a new-found interest in fantasy.

Born and raised in the Midwest agricultural region, Azalea loved to write horror and suspense short stories in her teens before turning her attention to gay romance.

When she's not writing, she's either gaming, painting, or spending time with family. She has two kids who run her ragged, a pretty little orange kitty, and an awesome boyfriend who helps her with arts and graphics.