Dec 29, 2016

Quick note: Allromance links disabled

Posting a quick note: For those of you aware of the disaster that is ARe closing, all my self-published books are now disabled. Buy links will take you to a blank page. I do plan on cleaning up the links via my website asap, but until then, my books are still available everywhere else ebooks are sold.

If you've purchased a book from ARe and can no longer download it, please provide the receipt to my email address in the "Contact Me" link above and I will send the book in your preferred format.

Self published books affected: Dark Night Skies, Wicked Intentions, A Bitter Sanctuary, Dark Night Skies Collection, and A Rogue's Power.

I haven't much to say about this travesty anymore. All I have to offer is *hugs* to all authors and publishers affected.

Let the hiatus continue...

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