Dec 29, 2016

Quick note: Allromance links disabled

Posting a quick note: For those of you aware of the disaster that is ARe closing, all my self-published books are now disabled. Buy links will take you to a blank page. I do plan on cleaning up the links via my website asap, but until then, my books are still available everywhere else ebooks are sold.

If you've purchased a book from ARe and can no longer download it, please provide the receipt to my email address in the "Contact Me" link above and I will send the book in your preferred format.

Self published books affected: Dark Night Skies, Wicked Intentions, A Bitter Sanctuary, Dark Night Skies Collection, and A Rogue's Power.

I haven't much to say about this travesty anymore. All I have to offer is *hugs* to all authors and publishers affected.

Let the hiatus continue...

Dec 1, 2016

Important Announcement: Hiatus Eminent


It has been on my mind for several months. Due to issues in my real life and the fact that I need a break, I am taking an indefinate hiatus from publishing effective immediately.

So what's an indefinate hiatus? Simply it means I do not know when/if Azalea will be back. I could return in a couple months, a year, 2 years, or ever. 

But I really need this, guys. 

Q. Wait, wait, wait... What? What about your books?

A. They are all still available wherever ebooks are sold. I haven't moved them, except for some very old ones. 

Q. Will you maintain your website?

A. Only to remove books no longer in publication when the time comes.

Q. Will you maintain your social media?

A. I might stalk Facebook from time to time, but I'll be going dark for the most part. Doesn't matter, really. I mostly stopped posting on Twitter a long time ago.

Q. Are you retiring?

A. Nope, I didn't say anything about retiring. I only said I may never come back. *shrugs*

Q. How can I get ahold of you now?

A. My email in the "Contact Me" tab above is still very active. Please contact me there.

Thank you, everyone, for your support over the years. It's truly been a blast!