Mar 2, 2015

DRiTC: Love is an Open Road event and writing goals!

I done grabbed my prompt for this year's Don't Read in the Closet event at the Goodreads M/M Romance Group. This year, the title is "Love is an Open Road". This is such a wonderful event. I haven't had a chance to participate for a couple of years due to a few different things, so I am so looking forward to this year!

Here's my prompt, by the wonderful Breann:

Dear Author,

Just look at all that arrogance. Bastard isn’t so cocky now that I’ve got him in my dungeon. He and his damn cat have been a thorn in my side ever since I took over this kingdom.
I would love a fun, high fantasy, enemies to lovers story. Please no dub-con or non-con.



I'm so excited to get started on this, and already have! I'm also on pins and needles though, because I've written plenty of enemies to lovers stories in the past... and well, they didn't come out so well. *twiddles thumbs* But I'm totally up to the challenge again. This time, I hope to write it well. 

Want to know their names? (yes, Mr. Kitty has a name, too!)

I think I've already figured them out, and I'll reveal them very soon!

In any case, my writing goals for the next two months:

Write and finish this fun prompt!
Submit Malrith's Shield to publisher
Write more on Malrith's Shield sequel
When I can, write on The Oracle's Light

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