Dec 18, 2014

What's Coming in 2015!

I hope everyone's Christmas is off to a wonderful start. It certainly went awry in my home. So how was 2014 for you?

This year, I've been a little more quiet than I wanted to be due to personal stuff. It's been a year of discovery and learning in both my personal life and writing life. But we're gearing up to bring in 2015 with a bang.

Next year, expect a few changes to the Azalea Moone backlist and some new, fantastic reads!

Here's the unofficial list of what's to come.

Backlist changes - These books will no longer be available by the 1st of the year:

"Night Shift"
"Once Upon a New Years Eve"
"The Man Who Spoke My Name"

"A Rogue's Power" will no longer be available after June.

New releases and re-releases! - Expect some new stuff, including:

The re-release of "Angel's Redemption"

"Project Wasteland: The Chaos" Book 2
"Project Wasteland" Book 3

"Malrith's Shield" (working title subject to change) A whole new fantasy world that's been a blast to work in. I'll introduce you to a few characters on Sunday with my short piece for the Mid-Winter Flash Fic hop presented by the House of Manlove.

Okay, okay, I know I said this last year, but next year I would like to post more on this blog. I also need to find a place to post other things like gaming, yaoi, manga, anime, etc... Maybe Tumblr?

Curious? Stayed tuned for more good stuff coming soon, including (possibly) a end of the year giveaway! :)

Merry Christmas.

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