Dec 27, 2013

2014! Here it comes!

2013 was a great year, guys. But 2014 is setting up to be spectacular! Do you set up New Year's Resolutions? I don't like the term resolutions. So I've been making a list of goals I'd like to accomplish in the new year, and here they are:

* See that linky in the menu labeled "My Books". ^^^^  That will soon take you to the brand spanking new Azalea Moone website, complete with everything from new and coming soon releases, to excerpts, buy links, and information about current releases. Lots and lots of good stuff, including freebie downloads!

* This also means that NO MORE BOOK SPAM on this blog! The only spam will be on that sidebar >>>> and will include new and coming soon releases with blurb and buy links. Also, I won't be posting "to-do" lists here anymore.

Okay, so maybe not 100% spam-free. I'll still be doing giveaways. :)

* What to do with this blog? Well, I'll try to make it a habit to post more frequently on other things, maybe interests of mine, or writerly stuff, or whatever. I also welcome guest posts by authors (so email me, yo!) and I'll do some blog hops. But really, I need to stop the spammage, right?

* Hmm, I have another blog... Did you know I also have a Livejournal? I'm still in debates on what to do with that, since I barely post on there either. But I used to use it for gaming updates, fanart, fanfic, and other interests, etc. I'm not really a fan of LJ's setup anymore so... should I combine both blogs? Okay I'm brainstorming here, hehe.

* Writing goals: My ultimate goal is to write a novel length book, so I'm continuing that goal for 2014. I've gotten close *shakes fist* with other projects, I'll do it this year!

Okay, so I haven't figured everything out. Really that LJ thing is a way to consolidate my blogs. I may or may not combine them... Sorry, more brainstorming. hehe

Are you ready for 2014?

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