Oct 1, 2013

Hot in Fall Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Hot in Fall Blog Hop, running from Oct 1 to Oct 7th!

So what is "Hot in Fall"? The question came to me when I signed up for the blog hop. And since I feel like being totally random, I wanted to ask "what is hot in fall"? It's autumn, time to pack up those summer clothes and dig out your sweaters, jeans, and coats. That's not hot at all. It's cold, if anything. But it's also a time of change. The leaves will start to turn, and cover the ground with beautiful shades of yellows and reds. 

There are some awesome things about fall, you know, like: Halloween!!

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Cause ghosts and goblins, werewolves and vampires, and all the awesomely hot spooktacular creepies crawling the night... Love It! Look forward to it every year.
What else? How about the fall season. Leaves turn colors: red, orange, and yellow. It gets cooler outside.

It's a fabulous time to play in the leaves. Grab your rake, push em all into a pile, and dive-bomb into the mess!

Okay, so random post is random. How do you like that? But you know I think my favorite thing about the autumn season, kids go back to school! (And I have a couple of them.)

And this is a good thing. Why? I have more time to write. More time to watch porn-- I mean play! More time to run bills and grocery shop and do stuff that I couldn't during the long 3 month summer break.

Oh yeah, and more time to read some fabulously hot and sexy stuff by all my fellow authors!

What about you? What's your favorite thing about Fall/Autumn? Answer me this in a comment below (along with your email address), good readers, and you'll have a chance to win any title from my backlist! What's this mean? I'll pull one lucky random winner from a hat on October 8th, and that winner can choose from any one of my current titles!

The list is available here: My Books


- Miles Away excerpt - 

Coming Soon!!

He’d drifted off to sleep when a knock came at the door. Lazily, he sat up, thinking it was his imagination, but with the second knock, he swung his legs over the bed and stood.
“Coming.” Jesus, what time is it?
Realizing he’d fallen asleep with his work clothes on, he tried to straighten his now wrinkled slacks, and pulled his sleeves down his forearms to his wrists.
A third knock came.
“Damn, hold on—“
He knew that voice. Daniel swung open the door, staring into Toby’s gorgeous hazel eyes, and blinking to make sure it wasn’t a dream. “Toby?”

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Thanks all for your wonderful answers! This contest in now closed, and the winner will be announced soon!


  1. I like the cooler weather and change of colors!


  2. I love the cooler weather and changing colors of the leaves. Thanks for participating in the hop.

    pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

  3. I do so love the changing colors of Fall

  4. I LOVE bonfires and they are just the best during the fall!


  5. I love the change in weather, the array of colors and the best part is that it signifies that the bigger holidays are just around the corner.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  6. I would have to say Halloween because unlike up north the weather doesn't cool down much here until around Dec. :)

  7. I love the cooler weather and opening my windows all the way to let fresh air really circulate and air everything out before I have to shut them for months.


  8. My favorite thing about fall is definitely Halloween, if we're not counting the whole cooler weather thing. I love the costumes and the decorations and yes, the candy!

    Thanks for being part of the hop and sharing with us!

    caroaz [at] ymail [dot] com

  9. I agree about the return to school for the kiddos! I also love the cooler weather and curling up with hot coffee and my loaded kindle! wendynjason04@gmail.com