Aug 23, 2013

New Releases and A Free Book!

Oh hai, I haz new releases?

I got a little antsy, see, and decided to go ahead and release Night Shift a week early. This does come with some benefits to readers who take advantage of the early release! For two days only, grab your FREE copy of Night Shift from Smashwords!!

Coupon Code to use: RE42B
It’s the worst winter storm that Brandon has seen in years, but he’s still at work, cashiering at a small convenience store during his typical graveyard shift. It’s a lonely night on the highway outside, with blowing snow and howling winds, he wonders if anyone would dare come in during this kind of weather.

Not surprisingly, the delivery guy is running late, but that’s a normal occurrence for the company, rain or shine. But when delivery driver James finally shows up, Brandon quickly falls for James’ new looks: sturdy arms, muscular back, tattoos covering the guy’s shoulders…

Who knew working the Night Shift could be so interesting?
And if that isn't enough, grab your copy of On Clouds of Obsession for only $1.99, single release from the Fraternal Devotion anthology, published by Storm Moon Press.
Years ago, Jeremy glimpsed his brother Matt naked in the locker room. The image has stayed with him, pleasantly haunting his thoughts ever since. Now, Matt is due to be married in a week, and Jeremy knows that he is quickly approaching his last chance to reveal his secret feelings to his brother. On the night of Matt's bachelor party, Jeremy takes a chance that could not only jeopardize his friendship with his brother, but could also doom the impending wedding.


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