Jul 17, 2013

#wednesdaysoundtrack Inspiration of Love

I haven't done a Wednesday Soundtrack post in a long time. And well, I figure it's time because I have been reintroduced to a couple of 90's love songs that I used to avoid like the plague. haha!

These aren't necessarily inspiring any story at the moment, their just for anything I'm working on right now. (A new ms that's not on my to-do list, oops)

The first song: who remembers this from The Three Musketeers? :) And when Rod Stewart sings, oh yeah. Bring back some memories right there... okay, now I'm really showing my age.

And now for the second song: This, for some reason, I had avoided for many, many years. No, I think it's because it used to be an ex's song. You know what I mean, guys and gals, you hear a song that reminds you of your current bf and you play it over and over again until the tape/CD scratches. That was this song at the time. But I can't for the life of me figure out who that guy was. Good! Now I can play it over and over and not remember the reason I used to.

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