Jul 17, 2013

#wednesdaysoundtrack Inspiration of Love

I haven't done a Wednesday Soundtrack post in a long time. And well, I figure it's time because I have been reintroduced to a couple of 90's love songs that I used to avoid like the plague. haha!

These aren't necessarily inspiring any story at the moment, their just for anything I'm working on right now. (A new ms that's not on my to-do list, oops)

The first song: who remembers this from The Three Musketeers? :) And when Rod Stewart sings, oh yeah. Bring back some memories right there... okay, now I'm really showing my age.

And now for the second song: This, for some reason, I had avoided for many, many years. No, I think it's because it used to be an ex's song. You know what I mean, guys and gals, you hear a song that reminds you of your current bf and you play it over and over again until the tape/CD scratches. That was this song at the time. But I can't for the life of me figure out who that guy was. Good! Now I can play it over and over and not remember the reason I used to.

Jul 9, 2013

#teaserTuesday Night Shift

Tuesday is here. That means it's time for #teaserTuesday!

It's a freaking hot day outside. Around 100 degrees here in the great state of Nebraska. So let's cool down a little with a story that takes place in a massive winter storm. Or maybe this will get you a little hotter?
This #teasertuesday snippit comes from the upcoming release titled Night Shift.

Working graveyard shift during one of the worst winter storms in history could be lots of fun!


Well, I could finish my shift and wake him in the morning. Or I could wake him now before sleeping like that messed up his back. I opted to finish up inventory first.
Two boxes left. The one James sat on and the one next to him. I slipped my way around him, seeking the box near him, but my shoe caught on his and I tumbled onto his lap.
“Ugh, sorry,” I grumbled, bracing my feet on the floor, barely balanced on his leg.
He grasped hold of my sides, steadying us before we both fell to the floor, but he didn’t move those hands once he awoke. His hot breath blew past my shoulder blades. “It’s okay,” he said in a heady and possessive voice. “I’ve got you.”
Tightening his hold around my sides, he snaked his arm around to my waistline, stopping near my crotch.
“What are you—“ I groaned, losing my voice once that controlling hand cupped my package.
His hand on my side wandered underneath my shirt to my naked skin, tickling and causing me to tremble with the plea caught on my tongue. Sliding up my abs and playing them with his fingers, he whispered moist breath on my back, “You feel good.”
James’s leg began to tremble. His hand gripped my partly hardened cock. I ground my hips, needing more of his touch. His other hand pinched a nipple and I stifled back a needful moan stuck in my throat. My stomach tied in knots at my body’s reaction.
Before he could continue, I jumped off his lap and turned, grabbing him by the collar of that blue twill work shirt. “You son of a—“ I pulled him up to his feet with ease and slammed him into the set of metal shelves next to us.

Jul 4, 2013

The "Proposed" New Warning System in M/M Romance - WTF??

Warnings: Contains dub-con, excessive violence, and
an explicit on-page m/f oral scene

What would you think if you ran into a warning like this?
Is it really necessary to categorize a m/f oral sex scene the same as dub-con or excessive violence?
Is m/f really a trigger like say: tentacle rape or mentions of physical abuse?

For those following the current kerfuffle in the M/M romance world, you know where the frustration and anger lies. Author's apparently are being very disrespectful to their readers by including m/f sex scenes in their stories and not warning for them.

Damn. Just... damn. Really? 

This isn't a new issue. It's been going on for years and more recently with one of my publishers and an awesome author who didn't warn for such thing. 

Why didn't they warn for it? Well, it shouldn't be necessary.

When I got out of the fanfic community, I guess I thought I wouldn't have to include numerous warnings like these because we (as adults) shouldn't need a silly paragraph or two of "Warnings: this book contains all these triggery things so pull your big girl panties up and hang on." But to mix m/f scenes in with the necessary warnings: tentacle rape, dub-con, non-con, excessive violence, mentions of prior physical abuse, or what have you? 

For comparison, let's change "warning" to "contains".

"Contains excessive violence, dub-con, and an explicit m/f oral scene."

I guess I should just add everything that my book contains or that could be a possible 'trigger': "Contains: excessive violence, dub-con, an explicit m/f oral scene, blood, sexy vampires with long hair, pale skin, sharp fangs, and a whole shit ton more of stuff that you may not like."

Will it be necessary some day? Is m/f sex that triggery? :/

Sure, as a reader, I may run into a m/f sex scene that was never warned for. I skim over it and get right back into the action. If it's a necessary component to the story, it shouldn't necessarily need to be warned for.