Jun 30, 2013

#SundaySnog Angel's Redemption Part Deux

I've done a snog for Angel's Redemption once before, but how about a part two?? I don't think I've done a Sunday snog in a while either. How about some sweet neck kisses, and teases. :)

 Angel's Redemption is now available at the Storm Moon Press store!
Blaine Scheider has had bad luck his entire life, but that's only because his guardian angel has been missing in action.


Steam rose from the basin, humid and warm, fogging the bathroom. Lynsael watched Blaine step out of his jeans and ease his foot over the bathtub's ledge. Seeing Blaine's taut ass, he couldn't help but get excited.
Blaine reached out for Lynsael, who hesitated a moment. "But my wings?"

"They'll be okay." Blaine winked. "We'll be careful not to get the water directly on them."

Lynsael let his tension ease. He clutched Blaine's hand and stepped into the warmth of the water on his face. He loved the way it washed away his fears, the way it drowned out everything he'd thought of throughout the lonesome day.

Enjoying Blaine's muscled shoulders and firm back in front of him, he eased closer, finding that warmth more comforting than the water. His cock went rigid as he pressed against Blaine, and he laid his head between Blaine's shoulders.

"Lyn..." Blaine stilled a moment. "Here."

Blaine turned slowly, a bar of soap in his hands. He ran the soap against Lynsael's skin from his neck to his abdomen, his eyes sparkling as he peered down at Lynsael's stiff length. He pulled away just enough to rub the soap between his hands, white bubbles foaming between his fingers before he lowered his hands to Lynsael's hardness.

Lynsael flushed as Blaine's hands traveled between his legs, smoothing the soap over his balls, spreading him wide. He'd wanted to grab on to Blaine, to thrust up and beg for his lips, or to simply melt into Blaine's hands like putty. A stifled moan escaped his closed lips as Blaine slid foamy fingers across his perineum.
Blaine stopped, flicked his eyes to Lynsael, and smiled.

"Don't stop," Lynsael hummed in sheer pleasure.

Blaine straightened his spine. With the bar of soap back in his hands, he slid around the tiled wall and disappeared behind Lynsael. Slick hands ran down the small of Lynsael's back, making him shudder, and then he slid his hands around Lynsael's sides to his stomach, pressing against his back and the remains of Lynsael's wings.

"I'm sorry," Blaine whispered before placing a kiss on the side of Lynsael's neck.

Lynsael closed his eyes and rolled his head back onto Blaine's shoulder, enjoying the warmth, a heated flush rising in his face. "For what?"

"Last night," Blaine breathed. "Everything that's happened in the last few days... it's just... I don't know what to think of it all."

Lynsael settled his hands on top of Blaine's. He took a sighing breath. "I know."

Blaine licked at the back of his neck, drawing a wet line to his nape. Lynsael trembled with Blaine's needy touch, his own desires depleting any remaining worry and confusion. He'd wanted Blaine to hold him, to comfort him; he'd wanted Blaine to know his pain because he knew Blaine's all too well.

Jun 23, 2013

Coming soon: Angel's Redemption!

So happy I can share this now. The cover art is gorgeous, done by the talented Yana Goya!

Angel's Redemption comes out on June 28th by Storm Moon Press!

Twenty-four-year-old Blaine Schneider is seasoned to hardship. Since the age of eight, he's experienced nothing but a swarm of bad luck: from the funny electrical fire in shop class to failing grades and relationships gone sour. He believes he'll never get past it; only his band, 'Til Dark, and their dream, keeps him going through it all.

Shortly after he mysteriously inherits a beautifully carved angel statue, Blaine also finds an apartment big enough to display the lifelike sculpture, and he thinks his luck has finally taken a turn for the better. But when he discovers the spell inscribed on the statue's base, he frees Lynsael from his stone prison, a handsome fallen angel who claims to be Blaine's former guardian angel, and then his luck really improves.

But while Blaine is falling hard for the angel's blue eyes and lively personality, in the shadows, dark forces are working to keep Blaine and Lynsael apart. It will take more than luck for the pair to come through unscathed—it'll take a miracle.

Now, you can mark it on your Goodreads bookshelf!

Jun 14, 2013

The need for a M/M writer's critique group?

Have you ever looked around the net for a M/M writer's critique group? You'll see that there's very little option for original M/M fiction.

So I'm interested... I want to gauge authors needs for a critique group of this nature. If you are an author (aspiring or published), please fill out this survey: does not require you to log in to Google.


The survey will remain up for a couple of weeks.

This doesn't mean I will create a group, but I will offer my results to anyone interested, including critique group owners.

I'll post my results here on the blog and (possibly) in the M/M Romance Goodreads group.

Jun 13, 2013

A sneak peak at upcoming releases by Azalea Moone

Summer will be chock full of upcoming releases by Azalea Moone. While some of these book releases are still secret, I'll post a tiny preview of the covers so you can see the pretties I've yet to unveil.

I've advertised it before. "A Rogue's Power" releases tomorrow, June 14th by Total E Bound! Set in the same world as my Dark Night Skies series, A Rogue's Power follows Malachi and Dante as they find solace in a violent vampire world.


The rest of these covers are still secret... Shhhhh.

"Angel's Redemption" coming June 28th from Storm Moon Press.

This beautiful cover art is done by the talented Yana Goya. Look at the gorgeous purples and blues. Trust me, you'll adore this cover! I'll update soon when I receive the final.


In August, prepare for my next self-pub release, an erotic romance titled "Night Shift".

Cover done by the fabulous Erin Lark, at Erin Lark designs! Check her work out!


Coming up in July or August, I'll be self-publishing last year's Love is Always Write story "For Those Who Wait" in ebook form. It will be available for free download at all online retailers, including Goodreads, and will include the second story "For Those Who Wait: Dig" that was only available here on the blog.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. In October, I'll be releasing a dark horror erotic serial that will leave you squirming in your seat, and hiding under your blankets!

Jun 3, 2013

Introducing: Dark Night Skies the website!

And into this world is born a monster. http://darknightskies.weebly.com/

Come and explore the world of the Dark Night Skies series. Read excerpts from each book, check out artwork from the series, and learn its origins. Coming soon, I'll have major character bios, interviews and questionnaires for your enjoyment.