Apr 30, 2013

#Tuesdayteaser Behind the Cameras: That's what friends are for

Is it Tuesday teaser or teaser Tuesday? Ah, hell with it. Whatever it is, it's share your current WIP day!!

My current work-in-progress is a little, complicated, m/m bookie called Behind the Cameras, better known as my porn project. Yes, that name may change at any time.

It happened at the end of his Sophomore year, Aiden was about to apply for a regular job when his gorgeous roommate Brody suggests they try out for a start-up pornography site. Unsure about this convoluted plan, Aiden decides to go to the interview with his roommate anyway, although he wants nothing more than to get out of the deal.

That's what friends are for, right?

I sprung out of bed to the buzz of my cell phone rattling the desk. My roommates grunted and groaned; bed springs snapped as they tossed and turned. A pillow hit me in the face. “Answer that will you.” I threw the pillow back at Brody.

“Hello?” I whispered, wandering into the small bathroom for some quiet.

“Aiden?” Nigel answered back.


“Sorry for the early call. We’re shooting a scene-“ The bathroom door cricked open. Brody peered inside in curiosity. “-this evening, and need you and Brody on set.”

“This evening?” That barely gave me time to study after classes, let alone eat anything.

“Yep. You can make it, right?”

I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. “I suppose.”

“Good. Meet us at-“ I formed a pen and paper out of my hands, motioning for Brody to bring them to me. He dashed out into the room and was back in an instant. I wrote down the information. “-we’ll start shooting about eight. See you there.”

Brody opened the door and snuck inside. “So? Was that—“

“Yes.” I turned to the mirror and glanced at myself. Ugh, I hate early mornings. “They need us on set at seven thirty at this address.” I handed him the paper before running my hands under a cool stream of water.

“Fuck yeah. This is awesome!” Brody folded the paper and crammed it in his pocket.

For you, maybe. I leaned my head over the sink, splashing water across my face. Brody stepped close and hugged me tight, setting his head between my shoulder blades. What the hell was he doing? “Thank you for doing this with me,” he breathed. “You’re a helluva friend, Aiden.”

I lowered my hands. An honest to God hug from Brody? I cleared my throat, but couldn’t deny the tickle of goose bumps on my arms from his touch. When his fingers twitched around my waist, my body, straight down to my cock, quivered all over. Not fair at all.

“N-no problem.” I swallowed down my desires. This was just a hug, nothing more. Oh God, but why couldn’t it be more?

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