Mar 3, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - Dark Night Skies

I've never done one of these Six Sentence Sunday's and it's about time I posted one. :)

Here are six sentences from Dark Night Skies book 1, the trilogy to be released on March 15th.
Michael brought a woman home from the bar. Lucius isn't very happy about that.

“Lucius,” I muttered, swallowing the sudden heavy lump in my throat.
He stood just behind Lisa, fingers wrapped around the metal frame of the couch. His
steady gaze sent waves of shame and terror through me.
“Who?” Lisa sat up straight, her hair tumbling down to cover her upper body.
The very air was cold and menacing, unlike anything I had ever experienced.
“So this,” Lucius lowered his eyes, the silver orbs taking in every detail of the woman on
the couch, “is what you do.”

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