Feb 14, 2013

Sexy Vampires Where You At??

Within the shadows, creeping up in the darkness, or hidden deep within our mortal conscious, the vampire dwells. He's taken many forms, as a mist, a shadow, a bat, or a snake, to quell our desires and quench his thirst for passion and sanguine yearning.
As a human presence, he's quite possibly a beautiful creature, stealing our gaze, and capturing our attention. But as a monster, he can frighten us senseless. But what's the best way to feed from our mortal lives than to either leave us wanting more, or to terrify us into his clutches.
A myth, a legend of centuries past; whether tales of vampires in history or vampires in today's media, we're bound to our curiosity of them.

My post today is for the Vampire Blog Hop event. And what's better than for it to be on Valentine's Day!

Okay, I'll be honest. I had no clue what to do for this post. LOL! But since vampires have always been just so awesome for me since I was a kid, I knew I had to take part in this.

So, random post begins. FYI: Read on for your chance to win one of five free books!

I was a vampire movie whore:

My very first vampy movie was The Lost Boys, as was probably a lot of others, right? It had all the ingredients for a wonderful film. Bad boys (don't forget hot boys), horror, the vampire temptation, all of it.

It was because of this movie, I dreamed about being a vampire. haha! Of course, I was eight years old when this came out. You know, kids...

Next movie? 92's Bram Stoker's Dracula. Let me warn you, and this is something I didn't know at the time, but it's not quite the most appropriate movie to watch in your grandmother's house. O.o I think I stared at the screen during the dirty parts, praying my granddad wouldn't walk in... if I remember right, he did, but the scene was long over.

Strangely, they had the movie for check out at the local library. *shrugs*

After that, I was hooked. I searched up every vampire movie I could find, including cheap B-rated movies (that weren't actually that bad). I began to write short vampire stories for fun. But the one movie that I loved was... ta-da Interview with the Vampire. Who knew? LOL

Now, twenty years later, and I'm still battling the vampire bug. When those damn things bite, they hold on strong, man. They won't let go. I've seen the movies, read (some) books, and roleplayed in my own vampy world.

I'm also extremely interested in the history of vampire lore. There are tons of books out there with all sorts of interesting facts and legends past down from generations from all parts of the world.

I'm also interested in those who are and/or claim to be a vampire today. Yes, there is a whole community out there; websites and books on real vampires.

So, yes, movies were only the beginning.

*ends random post*

Now it's time for a free bookie. Ya'll love free books as much as I do right?
I'm giving away 5 copies of the Dark Night Skies trilogy collection before I release it in March. All three books: Dark Night Skies, Wicked Intentions, and Bitter Sanctuary, put together in a single collection. Oh, there's also a never-before-released short story at the end of the book. The Corrupted. :)

Here's how you enter to win:

Leave a comment: with your email address and answer this question: Who's your favorite sexy vampire character?

It can be from a book, movie, video game, etc.

The giveaway is now CLOSED. I'll draw names and send confirmation emails. Thanks all who participated!

Dark Night Skies Book 1
Michael Krauss has it all. An awesome set of wheels, a beautiful condo and a career in the city's most prestigious agency, the Paranormal Investigation Unit. One thing he doesn't have, answers. Why is he suffering nightly from visions of his past? Memories of the long-haired beast who tried to take his life ten years ago.

It is up to him to figure out who, or what, this creature is. On one fateful night, he gets the opportunity he's been waiting for. As the field investigators are searching the old remains of a haunted home, the creature calls to him.

Soon, he realizes his attacker is a vampire who has a mysterious connection with him. Not only does he have to ward off the vampire's fangs, but his lustful advances.

Want to read blurbs for them all?

Note: book contains explicit scenes of M/M erotica and dubious consent.


  1. My favorite vampire movie is the Swedish - "Let the Right On In."

    Excellent post! Since I'm the host of this hop, I'll leave the contest for others to join!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jolie!

      I've never heard of Let the Right One In. I'll have to watch it. :)

  2. I love to watch that movie Lost Boys - I've seen it more than once. Such a romp ~

    Popped in from the Vampire Bite blog hop ~


    1. It's really an awesome movie. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Ooh free ebooks. Always up for those. Btw, I never could buy Kiefer as a bad guy. My favorite vamp ... can I say mine? Lol. I guess I actually loved Requiem from the Anita Blake series, before he went all whiny. Thanks for the contest!


  4. Came from the blog hop.

    Favorite vampire... now that's hard. There are so many great ones around but I think I have to go with henry FitzRoy from Tanya Huff's Blood Books and later played by cute Kyle Schmid in the Blood Ties tv show. A Tudor as a vampire, what a wicked combination.

    He's closely followed though by Claudia from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.


  5. Great post!

    The Lost Boys was my first really big vampire movie - I was a teenager and I'd seen Hammer and Langella's Dracula before, but it was the Lost Boys that made me obsessed. I still love that movie and I enjoyed the third one in the series too, but the second one sucked and not in a good way IMHO ;)

    Favourite sexy vampire character is so hard, there are so many to choose from. I have to say Michael from Underworld, because I have a thing for sexy halfbreeds.


  6. Great post. The Lost Boys was the flick that got me hooked on vampires. My favorite sexy vampire is Elizabeth Bathory (in nearly any incarnation).

    Halls of the Nephilim

  7. I also loved The Lost Boys. Fright Night was a favorite of mine during the 80's too. I suppose my favorite vampire movie of all time is also Interview with a vampire. Bradd Pitt and Tom Cruise were brilliant in that one. :D

  8. I'm still in love with Angel, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    Great post!

    Dark Night Skies sounds intriguing!


  9. The Lost Boys. There's a flash back. I'll go with James Marsters as Spike. I loved his attitude. "I don't fancy getting Librarian out of the carpet." :D

    authorangelicadawson at gmail.com

  10. I actually haven't sought out too many vamps, but Lucien in Sean Michael's LOVE IS BLINDNESS was the first to make me think "oh, so that's the attraction."


  11. Oh yeah, Lost Boys was my first too! (Why does that sound so dirty? ;P) And I have to say, David is up there as one of the sexiest vamps ever for me! Although, I think the sexiest vampire (when he's not actually fully vamped) has to be Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night, the original Chris Sarandon version not the 2011 remake with Colin Farrell. His sister Regine is also pretty sexy and Belle, her androgynous side kick, always had me fascinated.


  12. Popping by from the Vampire Bite Hop - LOVED The Lost Boys, gosh, my sis and cousin and I still quote from it frequently. And just caught Bram Stoker's Dracula (again) on telly the other night. Love me that Quincey P. Morris. :-)

  13. Oh pick me, pick me. Just love vampire books. Hmmm...my favorite sexy vampire? I would have to say Mircea from Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series. Wonder if he would switch teams? Thank your for the opportunity.


  14. There are soooo many sexy vamps that it's really hard to pick just one. I'll go with Jean from Ariel Tachna's Partnership in blood -series.


  15. Oooh... well... because I just recently read it and so it's fresh in my mind, I'm going to go with my fav. vampire being Adrian Ivashkov from the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series.
    ;) Thanks for the contest!


  16. My favorite sexy vampire is Wild Bill from the Channeling Morpheus series. I love those books, thank you!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com