Oct 14, 2012

Sunday Snog - The Last Road Home

Hello folks for another rousing Sunday Snog. You know the drill, clicky HERE to read moar hot snoggin action from fellow participating authors!

Todays snog is from an upcoming release, The Last Road Home, available for purchase tomorrow.

When Brett leaves home to escape pressures of settling down, he must make the decision to go back and face his issues, or stay and learn more about a sexy stranger.


My stomach tightened the further we walked. “I need,” I stuttered, “to piss.”
Ryan stopped. “Over there in the trees.”
At the edge of the stream, I untangled myself from him and staggered behind a bush. When I was done, I searched out his waiting silhouette, though the whole world seemed as if it was spinning. Deliberately placing one foot in front of the other, I stepped slowly back to the embankment. A rock blocked my path and, before I could blink, I fell into him and we landed on the hard ground.
“Ugh, what are you—” He froze.
His wide, golden brown eyes stared up me. The cool, soft grass tickled my palms as I tried to balance. There I was, with Ryan pinned underneath me in a precarious position. My cheeks flushed red hot.
Oh damn…why does he have to look at me like that?
I licked my dry lips without thinking. No, the only thing I could think about was his gentle touch. I curved into him, my lips brushed against his. I caught the taste of liquor on his breath. My heart jumped into my throat and I pulled away.
“Sorry.” I threw my hand over my mouth in shock.
Ryan’s eyes widened even more.
There wasn’t enough apologies that could drown out this moment. Alcohol, maybe, but a simple sorry wouldn’t cut it.
Just when I thought he’d jump up and curse the situation, a wicked grin spread across his lips instead. He narrowed his brows before he grabbed me tight by the wrists and rolled me on my back into the rough grass. I struggled for a second until my eyes met his again.
His needy lips caressed mine and a shiver ran down my spine. I opened my mouth, seeking his tongue and his taste—bitter alcohol. The masculine scent of aftershave and cologne on his skin made my thoughts scatter. He broke the kiss and ran his wet tongue down my neck.
“Jesus, Ryan.” I murmured.
He raised his head. “Shh…come here.”
Ryan grabbed hold of my hand and helped me up on my feet. He led us to a thicker area of trees beside the stream and fell to his knees with me in his arms.
Our lips met again, greedy and lustful while he explored the outside of my shirt, venturing underneath. A swift movement up my sides made me giggle and squirm to his touch. When his tongue found my earlobe, I melted straight into him.
“Ryan…” His name escaped unbidden from my lips as he lowered me to the ground and settled between my legs.
He lifted my shirt, exposing my naked skin to the warmth of his breath. I trembled, I had found his soft hair and urged him to go lower. He ran his rough fingers through the tuft of hair on my stomach, before stopping at the waistband of my jeans.
“You ever had a blow job by a guy before?” he asked, before wrenching at the button.
The question caught me way off guard, and I wasn’t prepared to answer ‘No’, though I’d always wanked to the thought of being with another man.


  1. Great excerpt! Now I want to read more! Just discovered the Sunday Snog - what a great way to liven up a Sunday afternoon! https://belandersonwrites.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=15&action=edit

  2. Oh, just wonderful. Love the anxious anticipation. <3