Sep 19, 2012

The Wednesday Soundtrack - All The Right Moves

I've contemplated doing weekly posts on what song(s) inspire certain projects. So, let's start this shall we?

The Wednesday Soundtrack!

Not every writer uses music for inspiration. Some do. Others may find inspiration in other media. Movies. Books. Television. Me? I find a lot of inspiration in music. Many of my WIP's are inspired by a soundtrack of songs from every genre. Heavy metal to easy listening, and even country and rap.

I create my playlists via Youtube. It's easiest for me to open my browser, search YT, and start listening. I've also used Winamp for playlists,, and Pandora.

Some songs just explain themselves. "Yep, that's why it inspired me." Other songs? Their meanings are more hidden, or it just corresponds perfectly with a particular scene in a book. Some songs are just plain silly. Then, some songs are used more than once for different projects, for different scenes.

Today's song comes from a completed story titled Angel's Redemption. I've used this song for inspiration for another project, too, but I'll always think back to AR when hearing this song. Links lead to Youtube:

OneRepublic - All the Right Moves (Vevo link)

OneRepublic - All the Right Moves (Non-Vevo link if you can't see the above)

Need a different player for song previews?

This is one of those songs that the meaning for inspiration is hidden. Reading the lyrics (I do a lot of that too), I feel it's about the MC, Blaine, who just can't get a break when it comes to his bad luck and his band. They've perfected their sound. They've practiced and performed. Now that they have a chance for a permanent gig at a local club, Blaine's bad luck gets the better of him.

I should make note that the songs also inspires the first sex scene. :P Is it just me or does it have that certain sexy tune??

To read excerpts from Angel's Redemption:

Chapter 1 (via Goodreads)
Sunday Snog

Readers: What song is currently inspiring you?

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