Sep 1, 2012

Free Snogs for You

Time again for another Sunday Snog. Readers, go to that linky <-- and clicky to read more from fantabulous authors!

This week's snog comes from a freebie short story Once Upon a New Years Eve. Available for free here on my blog, or as a pdf format for ebook readers at AllRomanceEbooks.

Joey is sad about his breakup with Tanner.
Dillon is there to comfort him. *winks*


My entire body went numb as I stared up at the cream colored stucco ceiling. Every thought, every emotion I had bottled up in the last three weeks was on the tip of my fingers, my toes, and my tongue. I wanted to scream, to cry, and to drink more until I couldn't feel the pain of losing him.

“Sort of,” I sighed, remembering the day he left me like it was yesterday. “I don't know. Everything was wonderful until about a couple of months ago.”

In my mind, those fights weren't nothing. We handled them like two grown adults and were back to our usual selves the next morning. But Tanner must have thought through them, or he already had that guy and was trying to find a way to kick me out of his life.

The thought left me trembling. My face flushed. I shouldn't be thinking of this here but it was almost impossible after it was brought up.

“Joey?” A rustle in the corner made me turn my head, Dillon had gotten up, and stood next to the bed. “Are you okay?” His soft brown eyes narrowed in on me.

Tears stung in the corners of my eyes and slid down my temples. My heart ached, welled up into my throat, and I sniffled. I shook my head, no, because I wasn't okay.

He knelt on the bed beside me, hand reached out to gently wipe an escaping tear from my cheek. “You'll be okay. It'll take some time--”

My eyes brightened, realized that he was so close, and I could feel the soothing warmth from his touch comforting the hurt. Shit!

He must have thought it to be panic and swiftly moved his hand away from my face. I caught his wrist, the movement faster than I thought I could pull off, and stared into his tender eyes.

I licked my lips as he carefully bent closer, and my heart began to thunder in my chest. I needed him closer, to help me forget about the pain, not only what happened with Tanner, but with us as well. His lips brushed against mine, and my tongue darted out, lips opening wide to taste the alcohol resonating on his breath.

Letting go of his wrist, I wrapped my arms around his back and his muscles tensed. He had me pinned underneath his warmth, a place that I'd secretly wanted to be since I took that first honest look at him back at the party.

His lips moved across my cheek, and I tucked my head into his shoulder. There it was, that heady scent of cologne on him, and I drank in that intoxicating aroma, my entire body tingling, needfully grasping at his taut muscles. My pants had become too tight. My vision swirled.

It's too fucking hot in here.


  1. Somehow, a broken heart always make a kiss that much more intense. Emotions are already running amuck, so something sweet and tender becomes downright heartstopping.
    Love it, thank you!
    I think I'll have to stop on over to your freebies page :)

  2. So emotional, thanks for your Sunday Snog!