Sep 30, 2012

Sunday Snog - the sudden proposal

Time again for another Sunday Snog!! Yes, I took a two week break to get a handle on other projects.


You know the drill. Click here to go to Victoria Blisse's site and read up on more hot snoggin by awesome authors!

Today's snog is from an incomplete, unedited, WIP called Midnight Rush. Sometimes proposals come at the wrong or maybe the right time, when you're least expecting them. Raul gets a surprise when he's engaged in a little action with an old classmate, Javier.


The quiet invaded again just for a moment. His hand slid off of his lap and on to my leg. “So...”
His fingers flexed on my jeans and I flinched. “So... what?”
“Glad to see you again,” he said, gliding his fingers across my thigh.
My heart seized in my throat. “Yeah,” I breathed the only word that would escape.
He shuffled to face me. “Thought you'd never come over after... you know.” His hand found my thigh again, skimming across my hip and around my waist.
In a panic, my thoughts began to race. Did I want to kiss him like I'd imagined earlier? Or was I still scared of the guy? I blinked and caught his serious brown eyes; the lusty grin spread on his lips. In confusion, I wrapped my arms around his sides, breathing in his heady cologne.
We'd drifted closer. He'd drawn a breath, his broad chest moved and I sought to revel in the memory of his naked skin from earlier in the night. Our lips brushed each other, and my palms started to sweat. It was sweltering in this cramped space. But it was also hot in his arms. His tongue forced my lips wide, darted in, and pursued mine.
There wasn't anything that could make me back away tonight. I needed to feel his arms pulling me in after last week. I'd thought of it everyday since.
I tightened my grasp around his waist, our bodies pressed tight against each others. His intoxicating scent was strong, powerful enough to make me gasp. His fingers traveled up my sides and around to the small of my back, clasping together and holding me there. I wanted to stay like that.
A wanton moan escaped as I drew a breath. The noise made Javier's eyes narrow; he knew he had me right where he wanted me. His moist lips skimmed over my cheek, and I followed his motion, lowering my head to settle into the crook of his shoulder. He'd traveled to my neck, breath heavy and warm against my skin.
My jeans squeezed tight around my crotch as I began to react to his touch. Christ, why'd he always do this to me?
Once he found my collar, his mouth hovered just above my skin, and he whispered in a sultry tone, “Move in with me.”
I must not have heard his proposal because I nodded in acceptance.
Another hot breath wafted against my neck causing the small hairs there to tingle. “Good.”
Did I just agree to live with him?
I suckled in my lower lip, searching for the right words. I'd have to find out if there were any risks in taking his offer. “Wh-what--” But when he started nibbling my neck, my thoughts began to spin, and it could wait.

Sep 26, 2012

The Wednesday Soundtrack - Inspiration #1

Welcome back for another week of The Wednesday Soundtrack.

Today's song isn't just one song that inspires a WIP, but several that inspire me with any project I've worked on in the last few months. They are my go to tunes that help me focus, or unwind, or help me capture a certain MC's perspective better.

I love a lot of different kinds of genres. So you may see a song here that makes you cringe, or a song that makes you smile. :)

These all are YT videos btw. If you need another player, I can look around.

*The first song today is from a band I've been listening a hell of a lot to: Incubus - Adolescents (non-Vevo)

This band... OMG. No words can describe, really. Are You In is another favorite of mine. *nods* There's a plot bunny that's been hopping around to this song too. A possible YA fic attempt in the future?

*Next: Let's get a little more into my usual listening genre - metal and rock: Apocalyptica - End of Me (Vevo)

Okay. Awesome ass cello band, cute as hell longhair guys... it can't get better than this. Oh, and Gavin. I like Bush. He does okay in this song. LOL This song is more when I feel like writing vampy stuff or drama. Been there lately with a few of my projects.

*Last but never, ever least: Something to blow your f*cking minds. Still metal. Not American at all.
Deathgaze - Fuck Me

Okay, okay, okay. I can't help it. I listen to this song at least 5 times a week. It's the best song, in my mind, for that "gotta have it" screw that we've all gone through, either in RL or during a WIP. You know, when the MC needs a little action. This, really, is just one of those fun songs. Why not check it out?

Readers: Do you make soundtracks for parts of life? A lover? A dramatic time in your life?

Sep 19, 2012

The Wednesday Soundtrack - All The Right Moves

I've contemplated doing weekly posts on what song(s) inspire certain projects. So, let's start this shall we?

The Wednesday Soundtrack!

Not every writer uses music for inspiration. Some do. Others may find inspiration in other media. Movies. Books. Television. Me? I find a lot of inspiration in music. Many of my WIP's are inspired by a soundtrack of songs from every genre. Heavy metal to easy listening, and even country and rap.

I create my playlists via Youtube. It's easiest for me to open my browser, search YT, and start listening. I've also used Winamp for playlists,, and Pandora.

Some songs just explain themselves. "Yep, that's why it inspired me." Other songs? Their meanings are more hidden, or it just corresponds perfectly with a particular scene in a book. Some songs are just plain silly. Then, some songs are used more than once for different projects, for different scenes.

Today's song comes from a completed story titled Angel's Redemption. I've used this song for inspiration for another project, too, but I'll always think back to AR when hearing this song. Links lead to Youtube:

OneRepublic - All the Right Moves (Vevo link)

OneRepublic - All the Right Moves (Non-Vevo link if you can't see the above)

Need a different player for song previews?

This is one of those songs that the meaning for inspiration is hidden. Reading the lyrics (I do a lot of that too), I feel it's about the MC, Blaine, who just can't get a break when it comes to his bad luck and his band. They've perfected their sound. They've practiced and performed. Now that they have a chance for a permanent gig at a local club, Blaine's bad luck gets the better of him.

I should make note that the songs also inspires the first sex scene. :P Is it just me or does it have that certain sexy tune??

To read excerpts from Angel's Redemption:

Chapter 1 (via Goodreads)
Sunday Snog

Readers: What song is currently inspiring you?

Sep 1, 2012

Free Snogs for You

Time again for another Sunday Snog. Readers, go to that linky <-- and clicky to read more from fantabulous authors!

This week's snog comes from a freebie short story Once Upon a New Years Eve. Available for free here on my blog, or as a pdf format for ebook readers at AllRomanceEbooks.

Joey is sad about his breakup with Tanner.
Dillon is there to comfort him. *winks*


My entire body went numb as I stared up at the cream colored stucco ceiling. Every thought, every emotion I had bottled up in the last three weeks was on the tip of my fingers, my toes, and my tongue. I wanted to scream, to cry, and to drink more until I couldn't feel the pain of losing him.

“Sort of,” I sighed, remembering the day he left me like it was yesterday. “I don't know. Everything was wonderful until about a couple of months ago.”

In my mind, those fights weren't nothing. We handled them like two grown adults and were back to our usual selves the next morning. But Tanner must have thought through them, or he already had that guy and was trying to find a way to kick me out of his life.

The thought left me trembling. My face flushed. I shouldn't be thinking of this here but it was almost impossible after it was brought up.

“Joey?” A rustle in the corner made me turn my head, Dillon had gotten up, and stood next to the bed. “Are you okay?” His soft brown eyes narrowed in on me.

Tears stung in the corners of my eyes and slid down my temples. My heart ached, welled up into my throat, and I sniffled. I shook my head, no, because I wasn't okay.

He knelt on the bed beside me, hand reached out to gently wipe an escaping tear from my cheek. “You'll be okay. It'll take some time--”

My eyes brightened, realized that he was so close, and I could feel the soothing warmth from his touch comforting the hurt. Shit!

He must have thought it to be panic and swiftly moved his hand away from my face. I caught his wrist, the movement faster than I thought I could pull off, and stared into his tender eyes.

I licked my lips as he carefully bent closer, and my heart began to thunder in my chest. I needed him closer, to help me forget about the pain, not only what happened with Tanner, but with us as well. His lips brushed against mine, and my tongue darted out, lips opening wide to taste the alcohol resonating on his breath.

Letting go of his wrist, I wrapped my arms around his back and his muscles tensed. He had me pinned underneath his warmth, a place that I'd secretly wanted to be since I took that first honest look at him back at the party.

His lips moved across my cheek, and I tucked my head into his shoulder. There it was, that heady scent of cologne on him, and I drank in that intoxicating aroma, my entire body tingling, needfully grasping at his taut muscles. My pants had become too tight. My vision swirled.

It's too fucking hot in here.