Jul 3, 2012

WIP share - The Drifters

Sharing a piece of my current WIP. The Drifters.

Warning: unedited, suspense, squirmy maggots on a dead body
I swear this wasn't supposed to be a horror scene, but thanks to daughter for the idea!

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Stepping closer, I rounded another corner with my back against the wall and the gun readied to fire, and the sound stopped as fast as it began. But the scent of old blood drowned my fear with curiosity.
A figure lay curled in the middle of the dark hallway. The breeze picked up the bile smell, carrying it passed me and I cringed. Reddish brown pools surrounded the lifeless creature, twinkling in the illumination from the streetlamp outside.
I swallowed hard and stepped towards the body. The buzzing of flies grew louder as my shoes touched the pool of blood. Leaning down, tiny white maggots swarmed its empty insides and I turned away with my mouth covered.
“Christ...” I choked, unable to look again.
“Malachi,” the vampire teammate hollered from the opposite end of the hallway. He darted across the hallway, knelt next to me, and gasped, “Shit. Are you okay?”
I nodded. “It was like this when I arrived.”
“A rogue.” The vampire poked at the body with a gloved finger. “About three, four months...” Then, he tapped the earbud in his ear with his free hand. “Xavier, we have something. Corpse on the second floor. Looks like it's been here awhile though.” He continued to search the body, moving passed the squirming maggots into the corpse's pockets, and pulled out a blood stained bag. “He's loaded.”
Pulling away, he emptied clumps of pale pink power into the palm of his hand, like cocaine or another drug, that had soaked in the blood. “This is what we're after.”
“D-damn.” So there were rogues involved in drug trafficking.
He dumped the rocks back into the bag, and wrapped the bag in a handkerchief. “Yes, sir,” he said into the microphone hanging from his collar. “Xavier will arrive to clean up this mess. You are to enter the third floor while we continue to search here.”
“Again?” My heart couldn't take anymore surprises.
“This is big, Malachi. A dead rogue, probably taken down by another dealer. These things would live in filth.” But I'd known that wasn't entirely true. “There's got to be more of them.”
I struggled to stand. With the gun in my hands, I aimed it at the vampire; my intentions running wild. “Not all of us are violent miscreants.”
“Remove your gun from my face, soldier.” The vampire stood without hesitation. “You will follow Xavier's orders, or I will take you down myself.”
Narrowed eyes, full of energy and need, the headache proceeded to pound through my temples. With the thought to kill in means of violence, I felt my spirit increase and my energies, chaotic. I'd love nothing more than to kill him and the rest of their army, Xavier, and Raphael, and anyone who stood in my way.
“I...” I lowered my gun. “Get out of my way.”
Stepping around him, I sauntered towards the stairs; the vampire teammate followed. At the foot of the steps, I turned around and his eyes widened. “I'll go. But you and the rest of them better be here if there are any problems. Understand?”

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