Jul 6, 2012

Children's books? Really?

In the last couple of months, I've had several ask me if I write children's books. Um... why?

When I tell people I'm an author, they automatically assume I write children's books. Is it because I fit the part? Ya know, I have kids so they assume I write kid's books. Or is it that before all this 50 Shades bullshit, the most popular books were YA -- aka: Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter?

Earlier today it happened again. Had review for real life job and I told my human resources manager than I'm working on supplementing my income a little by writing. She asks: Do you write children's books?

*shrugs* I've never been into children's books, MG, YA, etc. etc... hahaha
Suspense, paranormal, and horror is where I like to roll. Ya know. With a little kinky times. ;D

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