May 9, 2012

Coming soon!

Announcing the 3rd and last book in the Dark Night Skies series. A Bitter Sanctuary will be released via all of the outlets - Amazon, Smashwords, and ARe on Friday, June 1st!

Here's the blurb:

“You will never have the displeasure of human burdens again. You can go wherever you like. Do whatever it is you choose to do.”

After three months of being stuck in Christopher's mansion, Michael comes to the realization that vampire's have no power over him. But trouble finds him fast once he chooses to leave, bringing him face to face with the lurid world of the undead.

After all, his blood is an asset to all vampires, not just Lucius. And through all of the death and confusion, Michael meets Dante, a handsome and carefree vampire, who shows him that he's not confined to Lucius or to anyone, for that matter.

As Michael learns to live again, Lucius fears he's lost his human lover; the pure soul that he'd fallen in love with. Will Michael succumb to the thoughtless acts of being immortal?

and because I can here's a snippit: (click on the title of the post)

“Oh,” he seemed shocked. “I didn't know you were here. Decided to take my invitation after all?”
“I'm waiting for someone,” I said.
“Is that so?” Dante paused, focused on the office door, and then returned his gaze. “Indeed. Well, I too, shall wait.” Dante took large strides across the floor and plopped down beside me. He threw his arm around the back of the couch, fingers grazing my shoulder, and a smile spread on his lips. “Michael.”
I clenched my teeth. “Yes?”
“How does it feel?”
“Death. It has been so long since my own. I cannot remember,” Dante sighed.
“I wouldn't know,” I answered in truth. “I was unconscious.”
Dante shifted his legs. “Of course you were. We all were. But now you are a fledgling, yes? Isn't it exciting to know you will never have the displeasure of human burdens again?
I flicked my eyes to him. He splayed his fingers along my shoulder and gripped so tight that I hissed at the sudden pressure. The words formed on my tongue, but I hadn't the need to say them.
Dante must have seen my hesitation. He leaned in close; his cool breath blew past my hair. “You can go wherever you like. Do whatever it is you choose to do.” His fingers trailed to the inside of my chin, scrapping his nails along my neck. “You are a spectacular creature, Michael.”
I flinched as his lips caressed the collar of my t-shirt. My stomach trembled and I found myself leaning in to feel his lips on my naked skin, trailing up to my earlobe.
“If only you were mine. I'd bathe you so wonderfully in passion,” Dante hummed against my skin.
My cock grew terribly uncomfortable in my tight jeans at the soothing touch of his right hand slithering down my arm.
“Get your hands off of him.” A rumble came with a sudden flash.
Before I knew it, I was on my feet with a stream of white hair waving in front of me. Dante kicked and writhed in Lucius' grip, raised high above the couch.

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