Apr 2, 2012

Characters - Hate them/Love them

We all have characters that we hate. Completely, totally, despise with all our passion.

But is there any character that you completely hate, but then love at the same time? I think everyone can think of one. That antagonist in a book or movie that plays a major role in the MC's life. They come back, over and over, maybe they are the 2nd MC, or maybe just a side character with a major role.

In any case, it's characters like these that keep the story going. Sure, you may love the MC and any other supporting character, the book/movie might be just fine without someone with major attitude, but that one that you completely despise completes the story.

I love writing characters like these, don't you? There are several antagonists I've written about, that I absolutely love to hate. They all play a certain role too. They are there to create some kind of havoc. From the typical bad guy persona to a more secretive scheme... heh!

There are also MC's that you start out hating, then you love them at the end. Those types of characters are a lot of fun!

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