Mar 15, 2012

What is your favorite thing to write?

Okay, I fail on titles, but basically, what do you like to write, most of all, in romance (M/M or others)?

Me? I love to write in the romance aspect, the closeness, the neediness, the unexpected and expected kisses, the wandering hands, moving legs, trembling, and heavy beating hearts.

No, I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking romance. Somewhere, somehow, I'm a romantic O.O more of a shocker to me than my readers probably, haha. And while I do enjoy writing sex, whether vanilla or hardcore, sweaty, OMFG so HAWT sex, I really - super duper - love writing the little things.

Slow foreplay. Kissing. Touching. Whispering. Breathing. The first kiss, and the way it makes your heart skip a beat, and your face flush with excitement, and your knees weak. A lover's hand cupped against his partners ass, drawing him closer until their bodies are entwined in passion.

Or the look. Eyes narrowed and glinting with lust. The energy between the two, even at a distance; the look on their faces say "I want you".

Get my drift? But it feels that once I'm passed that point in any certain scene, that the rest is over in a flash. *shrugs* So I always try to increase as much foreplay passion, or sexual tension, as I can to avoid the wham-bam ending.

My short freebie for the Love is Always Write event at the Goodreads M/M romance group is going to be non-explicit for this reason. It's a romance, with cutesy little moments and some sexual tension, but more first time kisses. I just couldn't imagine expanding into a sex scene with these two characters. And, maybe, that's how it's supposed to be.

FYI: As well as romance, I enjoy world building and character building.

So, what say you? What is your favorite part of writing in the romance genre?