Feb 26, 2012

To-do list March 2012

My plans for February went right out the window. I have 2 novellas on the revisions scale, ha! That's one too many, but what can I say.

1. Revise Angel's Redemption

2. Finish revisions and submit The Last Road Home

3. Plan and start on chosen prompt for the Love Is Always Write writers events at Goodreads M/M Readers Group.

4. Plan for a late spring/early summer freebie!

5. Plan to add something significant and interesting to this blog instead of just to-do lists and other shameless self-plugs... anyone wanna do a guest post??


Feb 14, 2012

Mid month update.

Happy Valentine's Day! And happy mid-February! XD

What do you have planned for this fabulous day?

Me? Work. Haha! I haven't planned a lovey dovey day with the boyfriend in years, since my fifth ex. So yeah. Instead, I have words to write.

Here's a quick update in what I have achieved for the month:

1. The Last Road Home: Up to chapter 9 of edits, rewrites, and plot fixes. I had some issues, but I believe they are all worked out now.

2. WIP angel fic: I'm currently at 21+ k. With the way it's going, I'll be looking at finishing the rough draft by the end of the week.

3. Dark Night Skies series book 3 preparation: I have an official title, A Bitter Sanctuary, and have designed an awesome cover.


Look forward to more teasers from my angel fic, as well as free chapter samples of Dark Night Skies Book 1 and Book 2 on Goodreads in the near future.

Have a wonderful day -- rest of February!

Feb 8, 2012

WIP share XD

Every now and again, I like to share snippits of my recent WIP's, no matter what day of the week it is LOL.

Click the post title for a bit of my current angel WIP:

Feb 4, 2012

The author and the character relationship

It is often said that an author will put a piece of themselves in what they write. Whether it's a little, or a lot, a character trait or the city they live in (or grew up in), etc.

Today, this post is about your characters. Special characters that you will hold dear to your heart for years to come.

Now, you might be asking "They are just characters. Are they really that important to authors?"

Yes, they are. Even though some writers, and I'm talking about original fiction, can jump from one character to another sometimes fairly easy, the fictional people they do write about can stay with them for awhile.

I often think of them like an ex, or a friend that you hung out with for a while. You interviewed them, or dated them, however you would like to fantasize about that. Then you wrote their story, mixed it up, let others read it, and you moved on. Sometimes the friendship lasts only months or up to a couple of years.

The longer you work with them, the longer that character will stay in your heart.

I have a few characters that will always be with me, whether I'm still working on their stories or not in the future. Some are quite obvious, i.e. Lucius and Michael. And some are not, i.e. Dillon from Once Upon.

So, tell me, do you have any characters that stick with you as an author? How about as a reader? Are there characters in your favorite books that will stay in your heart - and I'm thinking characters from little known books too?