Jan 26, 2012

To-do list February 2012

For my February 2012 to-do list, I've decided to TRY and work on one novella, and one short story this month. But I don't think that's going to happen:

1. Write 3rd Dark Night book, current working title is Sanctuary <- DONE

2. Plan and rewrite SMP anthology sub <-dead idea, it happens....
2. Write out this plot bunny that finally hopped it's way into my head! Will have more details later.

3. Plan and edit/rewrite The Last Road Home <- working on it!

See... two novellas *shrugs* haha

Didn't there used to be a strike out option for text?

Official release note...

As I wait for Amazon to approve Wicked Intentions, and Smashwords autovetting to be done, I bring very exciting news!

For a limited time, Dark Night Skies will be .99 cents through all the outlets including Amazon, Smashwords, and AllRomance e-books!!

This promotion will continue through the end of February!

Jan 12, 2012

Release schedule :)

I have exciting news. *smiles*

Those who have read Dark Night Skies and felt there was something missing, well you're quite right. It's officially a series, with at least 3 books planned so far. <-- I say so far very loosely here as I'm debating on more stories based in the world of DNS.

Anyway, the next book titled Wicked Intentions will be released Jan 27, 2012 through all the outlets, including Amazon, AllRomance, and Smashwords.
And the official cover!

In Wicked Intentions, we follow Lucius as he fights for freedom for both himself and Michael.

I'll write a much better blurb a.s.a.p!
The 3rd book, untitled as of right now, will be released in early summer of 2012 :)

Jan 5, 2012

Wake Up!!

Oh, hi *waves*

I've been... uh, sleeping for the past couple weeks, haven't I?

Well, just busy I guess. Then I ended up getting stuck in a bit of a game world at the end of the year and I think I'm finally out of it. LOL

So, let's see. We'll start with my to-do list for January 2012:

1. Steal back my computer -- from the boyfriend who's also lost in the game world. Why my computer?

2. Finish edit of Wicked Intentions and release

3. Work on SMP Anthology

For now, only two projects. May add more once I've successfully retained my computer. LOL