Nov 28, 2011

The Drifters WIP - Flight of Secrets (free chapter)

Here is the first chapter from The Drifters WIP, edited and on it's second draft. If you'd like to read it at Goodreads, here is the link.

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Title: The Drifters - Flight of Secrets
Word Count: 4,336
Warnings: Biting, mention of blood, 'lube free' sex <<-- I am going to rewrite that part, NSFW!!
Copyright Azalea Moone @ 2011

A pair of amazing baby-blue eyes spotted me from the opposite end of the club. His figure a shadow among the black lights that made up most of the lighting. Drunk women surrounded him, hands over his broad chest and leaning down to whisper in his ear, but his focus went right through the crowd to me. He would be mine tonight.

“Here you go.” The bartender's voice caught me off guard.

I slapped the cash down on the bar, grabbed my beer, and twisted to stare more at that face. Smooth, round and stocky, lights flickered to illuminate his splendid pink skin. I'd wanted nothing more than to be the one with my hands all over him. To shoo those ladies away, take him in my arms, and feed off of his youth, his vitality, in more ways than one.

It had been some 20 years since I'd last seen the full light of day. Hell if I knew who did it either, but I had to thank my attacker when I found him. Being a vampire in the modern world had its advantages. First of all, people were beautiful and remained youthful despite old age. I could only imagine being a vampire of old. Damn, I was happy to not have experienced that.

Loud music made little ripples in my beer. Techno beats and bright neon lights made the club come alive. The hordes of people only added to my excitement. This was my kind of place.

For years I'd taken mortals out of here. I'd introduced them to the pleasure of their choosing whether it was drugs or, better yet, sex. I didn't need friends. You know, a vampire clan to keep me sane. No. I was my own. I was a rolling stone in this world.

A crowd blocked him from my view. I leaned to the side and caught his eyes focused right on mine as if it was just us here. Silver piercings lined both of his ears from the top to the lobes. A gob of gel spiked his short black hair and made it shine in the moving dance lights. I wouldn't miss him in a mob if one happened.

This was it. His brows furrowed, lips puckered, calling me forth, and churning a mad heat straight down my spine. It was definitely time to make my move. I stepped away from the bar but a mysterious figure stopped me, fingers wrapped around my arm.
“Hey there,” a voice to match made me pause.

The culprit leaned against the bar, standing a foot taller than I. The heady scent of cologne masked the familiarity of death around him. I stilled, melted in that intoxicating scent and I could fall into his arms if it weren't for one thing, a pair of crimson red eyes looking me over from head to toe. He was a vampire.

“Leave me,” I hissed, disregarding a chilling need to breathe him in again.

He tightened his grasp. “That one over there? He's too good for you.”

“And how would you know?”

The vampire pound his fist on the bar and caught the bartender's attention right away. “Vodka on the rocks.”

“Let me go.” I writhed under his strong grasp, the sear of fingertips scraped my skin; his hard stare caused my knees to shake and I stilled.

“Tell me, who do you follow?” he asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Your family. Are you an associate? Or a hunter?” Those powerful red eyes burned straight through me and a lump caught in my throat.

Why in the hell does he care?

“I follow no one.”

He held his glass up to partly opened lips. The ice clinked against the crystal. “Oh, an outcast are you?”

I wiggled again, shaking my head wildly. There was no way I would answer his stupid ass questions, not when I never had to answer to anyone before. His claws dug deeper into my skin. My jaw clenched, cheeks flushed.

Stupid son-of-a-bitch.

“What's it to ya, huh?”

His brows narrowed, sharp fangs clanked on the rim of the glass. I definitely had his attention. He lowered his eyes, a long string of pitch black hair flipped over his right shoulder and stretched down to his stomach.

“Tell me who you are and I'll leave you be,” a low rumble escaped his lips.

This intruder didn't need to know a damn thing. I struggled again, almost dropping my beer in the process, and I was suddenly free but not for long. He stepped in front of me, the movement quicker than I could see, and trapped me against the side of the bar.

Fists clenched at my sides. “Malachi,” I stammered. “Now would you let me be.”

The vampire's eyes widened in interest. “Malachi? That's an interesting name. I wasn't expecting that.”

“Yeah, what were you expecting to hear?”

He drifted closer, and I could feel the warmth from his lips. My skin began to tingle at the strong scent of blood on him. Damn, he's fed lately, and I wondered if that thrilling taste was still on his tongue.


I froze. “Where did you hear that?”

“I'll tell you if you take me with you.”

Wait. What about my hazel eyed cutie?

I tempted to look out past the vampire's shoulder at the man I'd spied just moments ago, only to see nothing but the crowd on the dance floor. Where the hell could he have gone?

The vampire caught my chin between his thumb and forefinger forcing my attention back to him. A strange urgency rattled my nerves, the vampire's touch was unimaginably soft now, and damn, I needed to know how he knew of that name. However, I'd never shown another vampire my home and really didn't desire to now. If only he'd open that damn mouth of his here and now.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

He stepped back and courtly bowed his head. “Dante Von Stein. At your service.”

Von Stein. Where had I heard that name before? I jogged my memory but found nothing but a fog between last night and the night of my death. I could only imagine it was like that with every vampire. You kill, you feed, you fuck, and there's no memory of it left to devour you the next day.

“Well, Von Stein, I don't take kindly to such humiliation,” I said, and his eyes narrowed. “But if you're willing to explain yourself, I have no choice in the matter. Do I?”

A wicked smile spread on his pale lips. “No, Malachi. I suppose not.”

I flicked my eyes, spotting those two hazel eyes, and the man they belong to at the entrance. He stood alone, watching attentively for a moment, before slipping past the bouncer and out the door. I slumped against the side of the bar in disappointment. Damn it, I suppose I wasn't going to feed tonight either.

“Come on then,” I sighed, moving from the vampire's grasp.
He took one last drink from his glass, and turned to follow me towards the door. His hands curled around my shoulders, leading me, and I bet it was to make sure I wouldn't dart away.

The outside air bit into my alcohol warmed skin but it was delightful welcome into the night. This vampire made me sweat just being in his company. No one had accomplished that before.

Hordes of people stood in line outside the club doors waiting their turn to go inside. I stopped, looking each one over, each one that I could have gone home with instead. One person leaves, one person can go in and that's how it was every night.

Lucky for me, I had first privilege after I fucked the doorman. It was the best night he'd ever had, he said. His blood, however, wasn't as special as his tight, sexy ass. Dull. Metallic. Just like every other human I'd tasted.

Dante stepped out ahead of me and stood beside the edge of the road. The lamplight highlighted his hair brown, like a crown buried among the rest of the pitch black strands. His thick brown leather trench coat hid the rest of his features from my view and, for a moment, I'd wondered just how nice his ass looked in those blue stone-washed jeans.

“Well, lead the way,” he ordered.

I shook away any thought of catching a peek at his ass. “Yes, this way.”

It was a damn good thing he could keep up with my speed. I dashed towards my home and he was quickly on my trail. That was the bummer about taking humans home. I had to walk for at least a mile in the dark with them wrapped around my arm. They always had something to complain about, even men. 'Oh, it's creepy. It's dark. It's scary.' Their comments made me laugh every time.

My current stomping ground was an old hotel room just on the outskirts of town. Their office remained open 24/7 and I'm sure the receptionist thought I was some kind of freak with my pale skin and dry, cracked lips when I check out that room. She had no clue that I hadn't fed in a week prior to that.

We stopped just a block away from the building. Dante's aura hovered over me like a spider in its web.

“You have great taste,” his voice echoed behind me.

You jerk. Was that an insult?

“I do what I must.”

His fingers gripped my shoulder and he moved to stand beside me. “We all do, Malachi.”

“Just keep it down when we get inside. The owner doesn't like late night visitors.”

“Is that so?” he lowered his voice. “I'm surprised they even rented to the likes of you.”

The likes of me? What the hell did he mean by that?

Dante remained silent as we entered the motel. I caught the usual curious, guarded look from the receptionist and stepped into the elevator with Dante closely behind. I couldn't say a thing to her. Imagine the questions that she could ask. I bet we both looked like a couple of junkies.

“I know this place,” Dante said as I pressed the button to the fifth floor. “There used to be a brothel on the second floor in the 20's.”

I snickered, “You must be ancient.”

“At least I'm not a punk like you,” he sneered.

“Is that an insult?”

I wasn't about to play nice with this guy. Honestly, I could care less to make friends among kin., especially him. If I wasn't the least interested in hearing all about his story, I'd have punched him out long ago. Or would I have? I must admit, he was amazingly attractive despite his skinny figure, and I almost drowned in his rich aroma. Hell, I almost brushed my lips against his just to see how he tasted.

I'm horrible, utterly fucking terrible.

He took a step closer, trapping me against the side of the elevator. Damn him for making my heart pound so much it hurt with the sound of his low, husky voice, “It could be, but I like you.” He held me there, bodies close, plump lips spread wide, and heavy breath spread across my face.

I shuddered on the inside, wanting nothing more than him to glide closer, to touch my lips with his, and make me melt right into his arms.

Instead, I turned away and pound my fists into his chest. “Save the chivalry until we get inside.”

“As you wish.” He broke away, allowing the air to invade the space between us.

The familiar ding of the elevator broke me out of my daze. The door opened to reveal the long hallway of boarded up doors and a broken tiled pathway I was so used to seeing.

I, personally, asked for this room after first renting here. The manager gave me a cold, hard stare then raised my rent and offered the key. This motel should have been demolished years ago since each floor had its own special problem. Bad plumbing. Black mold in carpets. Walls stained in blood. I'm sure the mob probably used this place too. Part of me waited for Dante to say so.

He stepped out past me and surveyed his surroundings. “Nice place.”

“My door is at the end of the hall.” I motioned towards the only door that wasn't boarded or taped. We followed the hallway and before I invited him inside, I said, “No hassle. You tell me what you know and then you leave, got it?”

He flashed a smile. “If you say so.”

The door creaked open and my nerves began to crumble. This was the first and only time I'd ever invited anyone of kin into my personal space. Hopefully, it was my last.

Dante stepped inside, taking quick notice of the single window facing westward towards the sun-rise. “I assume you have concocted a way to protect yourself.” He pointed out the fact there were no shades blocking the view.

“Don't worry about me, man. Now spill it.”

“Where's the john?”


“Well, if I'm not mistaken, even vampires need to piss from time to time. There is a bathroom, isn't there?”

“Out the door and to your right.” I motioned back towards the hallway.

He nodded and smiled. “Good. I thought you had resorted to pissing in a bottle or something.” He shrugged off his trench coat and threw it on the bed.

“I thought you --”

“No. I'm fine,” he interrupted, sitting down next to his coat. He crossed his legs and for a moment, he looked so upscale, like he knew to watch his manners. “So, about that little secret of mine.”

“Secret? I didn't know it to be a secret.”

“Come, sit down.” He patted the side of the bed next to him.
I hesitated. Where did he get off being so pally pally to me?

His peppy smile wavered when I didn't move. Dante patted the side of the bed again and I stepped closer, too close that I was within his reach. An arm darted out, pulled me to the bed, and I found myself next to him with his arm snaked around my waist. He pressed his warm body against mine and the sweat began to drip from my brow.

“Malachi, is it? It's a very amusing name.”

“Did you forget why we are here?”

His crimson eyes flickered and I felt my bones tremble in a way they never had before. This guy had a way of getting to me that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

“That's right. Merrick. Which name do you prefer?”

“I don't know what you're talking about, Von Stein but if you tell me where you've heard the name --” He squeezed tight and my breath hitched.

“Please. Call me Dante, Merrick.”

“It's Malachi,” I growled.

“You're not Merrick Faust, the grandson of Carmella Faust?” he asked.

Just how the fuck does he know that?

I swallowed hard. No one has ever used that name around me since I was reborn. I'd changed my name just shortly after I figured out what I became after the attack that killed me.

“You knew Carmella?” I breathed, still unable to believe I was even speaking that name.

Dante cupped my chin and pulled me closer. “I knew your grandmother. She was quite possibly the best witch this side of Salem.”

I tempted to jerk away but his tight grasp held me still.
“My grandmother was not a witch!”

“Sure she was, Malachi,” the low groan from his lungs stopped my wild frenzy. “And you've gone against your family name.”

“By being forced a vampire?”

“No. By changing the name you were given.” The warmth from his breath sent shivers through my spine. Damn him. “I shall call you Malachi if you wish. But know that you are of very special kin. Those vampir's back at the club would have loved to have a piece of you.”

“I knew of no other vampir's,” I attempted to match his pronunciation. “at the club tonight.” Which was a fact. I didn't feel their presence or I would have left as soon as one walked in that door.

“That's the problem with young ones like yourself. Your abilities are lacking because you're only focused on getting your balls off.”

“I could care less about having sex,” I stammered. “I needed to feed.”

“Of course.” A tickle along my bare stomach caused me to cringe. The cold air skimmed over my skin as Dante's fingers traveled along my flesh. “But you're always fucking them, aren't you?”
“Not always.”

My body shivered. I drank in the heavy cologne that surrounded us feeling the need to scoot even closer. I'd lost my train of thought for a moment as he trailed a gentle line across my chest.

A little further, please.

Dante playfully pinched my nipple. My cheeks flushed, arms numbed with excitement. His warm lips were close and I wanted to feel them for myself. Wish granted. He pressed his mouth to mine and I tasted the lingering vodka and the familiar flavor of blood on his tongue. He had fed, I knew it.

The taste sent a torrid shock straight through me. His tongue circled mine and I couldn't stop from getting hard. Dante pinched my nipple again. Shit! My jeans were suddenly so damn tight that I wanted out of them fast.

I found myself on my back with him hovering over me. His long hair fell over his shoulder to tickle my exposed skin. He reached behind his head and slid the tie along the length of his hair. Long, black locks drifted across his shoulders, cloaking us from the rest of the room. The golden lamplight lit up his hair revealing the bright blond and brown streaks I spied earlier .

“You are a delicacy. Did you know, a witches blood is much sweeter?”

No, I wasn't aware.

“Is that a fact? But shouldn't vampires stay clear of dead blood?”

“You're living a fairy tale, Malachi. No one said vampires cannot drink from their own,” Dante whispered in that same husky voice, lowering lips to my neck.

His fangs pierced my skin, and a strange fire burned through my core.

The pain matched that of the night I was attacked, drawing up a single memory that I had thought I lost. My attacker's eyes, just as bright as Dante's, searing and deadly as he took my life.
The trickling hum of blood that ran down Dante's throat scared the shit out of me. Body trembled fiercely, roaring heat soared into my arms, my face, and my cock.

Dante lifted his head and a drop of blood fell from his fangs, warm as it hit my cheek. My stomach churned and I needed to feed right then.

“Your blood lust,” he thumbed over my cheek. “is absolutely amazing.”

“It is...” the words spilled from numb lips. I had no clue what I was saying, or what he was talking about for that matter.
He sat up, and tugged his shirt over his head. “May I fuck you, Malachi?” Shadows outlined his pale skin in the pure amber light, and I could count his ribs on each side of his chest.

I normally don't pick up such skinny little fucks when I was on a hunt. But him, yes, there was something different about Dante. Something that overwhelmed me so much that I couldn't help but nod my head and whisper, “yes”.

Dante wrenched at his jeans and eventually, they landed on the floor next to his shirt. He turned his attention to me and slowly began to unzip my jeans.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, my jeans hit the floor with a rustle. “Do you know that?”

He gripped my thigh, spread my legs, and leaned close, letting me breathe in the fresh scent of blood and marvel at the way his red eyes sparkled impressively after a feeding. My cock twitched and his right hand explored my skin, down to my hard shaft.

“I've been wanting to fuck you since I first saw you,” he admitted.

“Oh yeah. When was that?”

“Perhaps I'll tell you another day.” Lips grazed mine and his grip tightened around my cock.

Sweat ran down the side of my face as the heat between us rose. Damn, I wasn't used to sweating so much, but he did this to me, I was sure of it, and I awed at the way my body reacted to his touch.

His tongue darted between my lips and I tasted blood, this time, it was my blood lingering on his breath. I opened wide, drowned in the taste of myself on his lips. A sweet and intoxicating zest, like he said, filled my appetite for a short moment.

My entire body trembled in his possession. I wanted him. I wanted him to take me, to fuck me like I'd never been fucked before. I was never a stuttering, hopeless idiot like this when I brought home club-goers. This was all his doing.

He stroked my cock and nipped at my lower lip, pinching skin between fangs but taking care not to puncture. I dug fingertips into his naked back, his muscles tensed.

“Yes, my love. So beautiful,” he whispered, moving his pale lips away from mine.

I shivered at those words. I'd never been called anything but hot or cute. And love? Where did he get off calling me his love?
He had me spread wide, a finger slipped down to my ass and played with my tightness. “Pain is good, yes?”

I choked back a bit of self-doubt. “I feel no pain.”

“Is that so?”

He gripped my legs tight and slid himself closer. The head of his cock stretched me and I struggled to take a calming breath. Dante thrust deep and I gasped, the pressure seized me and I tensed, fighting not to scream.

Okay, so I could feel pain. But he need not know.

I stared wide-eyed at him as he thrust again, allowing myself not to groan nor wince. He'd catch my lie if I did, but the pain had become almost unbearable. I clutched the sides of the mattress, digging deep into the plush, hoping the burn would settle.

Dante moaned, “You're such a faker. I can see it in your eyes.”
The breath I was holding escaped and I allowed myself to cry out the pain in a mix of moans and sobs. “Oh, fuck, Dante. Stop.”
He slowed at my command. A knowing smile creased his lips.
Yeah, so what if I'm a liar.

“Calm down,” he whispered, cradling me in his warm, soothing arms.

He thrust again, balls deep and stopped. I wanted to fucking scream. My eyes cinched shut, entire body trembled in a violent mix of pain and pleasure.

“It'll go away.” Dante threaded his fingers through my hair. “Look at me.”

When I opened my eyes, he came into view through a teary haze. There was nothing but his soft, beautiful face and the solemn look in his eyes. I drank in his perfect features and finally found myself able to breathe again.

Dante slowly began to move his hips, rocking in and out. The pressure had dulled but the fire was still there, riding up through my thighs and my back. My stomach ached, but I wanted more.

“Dante...” the name escaped unbidden from my lips.

He straightened his spine, gripped my thigh and swung my leg over his shoulder. The lamp above highlighted the beads of sweat running down his taut chest and I marveled at the fact he was pushing himself so much just for me.

The heavy aroma of raw passion lingered in the room. The air was so fucking hot. His cock slid over my prostate and I almost melted in the heat that seared through my body.

“Fuck..., yes,” my voice was a pitch higher generating that wicked smile on Dante's lips.

“Are you gonna' come for me too?”

The heat swelling through my body almost hurt. With every thrust, I gripped the mattress harder, my fingers numbed from the tension. I'd wanted nothing more than this to last, but I also wanted to please him, for some damn reason.

Dante was balls deep, his cock pulsed. The sensation, the knowing that he was going to come, had me on edge. I moaned one final spurt of words and released all over my stomach.

“That'a boy,” he whispered, leaning into me and nipping at my lower lip.

My heart beat settled enough that I unhooked my fingers from the plush and wrapped arms around Dante's back, pulling him close. My lips puckered and brushed against his, the warmth around us still had me sweating, but it was damn good and nothing like I had experienced before.

There was a heated pulse, a moan through his closed lips, and I felt his come fill me.

He breathed heavy and pulled away, resting his head on my chest. I ran my fingers through the back of his hair when it hit me, what the hell did I get myself into?

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