Nov 13, 2011


Well, I can safely say that I am sick and tired of my Nano project now. After yesterday, that is, I went to the library and picked up the latest Anne Rice novel (I'm a sucker) and bingo, got drawn right into it. LOL
So, just had to go home and write a little after that, but I looked at my NaNo and went "blah". Instead, I followed a bit of a plot bunny and wrote something else.

Yes, I'm sick of nano. The whole thing sounds like horrid shit that, I'm sure with a little work, I could edit to make sound better. It's like one big outline.

But I'm not signing off on the project, just saying that I probably won't hit 50k unless this next part, angsty drama, kicks my gears up a notch.

And I may just post this little plot bunny thingie majiger up on my writing blog this week, instead of a piece of NaNo.
I work on way too many projects at one time. LOL I really want to write more on this, it's going off of a call for submission from a small press. Ya know, one of those that makes you go O_O holy fuck! I gotta', no, I needa' write that!!

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