Nov 30, 2011

To-do list December 2011

Here is my to-do list for December 2011, revised (again 12-13-2011):

1. Edit Wicked Intentions, find beta.

2. Edit On Clouds of Obsession once back from beta

3. Plan and research original post-apoc. idea...

Finish and post Once Upon a New Years Eve freebie short story (2nd book coming soon)
On Clouds of Obsession, anthology submission and return to beta reader for further critique

And that's it. The Last Road Home is taking a trip into trunks-ville until I can reconsider some plot issues. And as for my NaNo project, lets not even talk about that one.

Nov 28, 2011

The Drifters WIP - Flight of Secrets (free chapter)

Here is the first chapter from The Drifters WIP, edited and on it's second draft. If you'd like to read it at Goodreads, here is the link.

Comments and/or suggestions highly welcomed!!

Title: The Drifters - Flight of Secrets
Word Count: 4,336
Warnings: Biting, mention of blood, 'lube free' sex <<-- I am going to rewrite that part, NSFW!!
Copyright Azalea Moone @ 2011

Nov 27, 2011

Nano week 4 update

Still typing up the usual daily word count on nano. I hit 45k today :) But this last week was hard, with Thanksgiving and everything, and I didn't really write anything at all.

So, no share this week awwwww... mainly because I ran out of plot and made up a little alternate reality with the two characters. LOL

I'm now looking forward to December, when I can set this damn NaNo project aside and continue working on The Drifters!!

Nov 13, 2011


Well, I can safely say that I am sick and tired of my Nano project now. After yesterday, that is, I went to the library and picked up the latest Anne Rice novel (I'm a sucker) and bingo, got drawn right into it. LOL
So, just had to go home and write a little after that, but I looked at my NaNo and went "blah". Instead, I followed a bit of a plot bunny and wrote something else.

Yes, I'm sick of nano. The whole thing sounds like horrid shit that, I'm sure with a little work, I could edit to make sound better. It's like one big outline.

But I'm not signing off on the project, just saying that I probably won't hit 50k unless this next part, angsty drama, kicks my gears up a notch.

And I may just post this little plot bunny thingie majiger up on my writing blog this week, instead of a piece of NaNo.
I work on way too many projects at one time. LOL I really want to write more on this, it's going off of a call for submission from a small press. Ya know, one of those that makes you go O_O holy fuck! I gotta', no, I needa' write that!!

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