Oct 3, 2011

Will I make it?

Well, I just took up a different project which seems to be quite addictive. So, we'll have to see if I make it for NaNo this year hehe. But the Nano project is just eating me alive to be written too so I'm not too worried about Nano still. Except for the word count. That's what I'm worried about.

Can't remember if I posted a link to my profile there. mchick-101 if you are participating, add me to your buddies if ya want :P

Maybe I should finish up one of my other WIP's before starting on a new one huh? Let's see, I have 3 different ones. I did finish the rough draft to that SMP short. Cross that one off. Then I have some random one about an angel... and a random historical one. LOL I guess it's better than my notebook full of incomplete works from when I was a teen.

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