Oct 25, 2011

NaNoWriMo write-ins... ehh... not too sure.

I finally read there may be some NaNo write-in's in my small city. At first, I'm like "Sure. That would be awesome to get support from fellow writers locally." But now, I'm debating.

It would feel a little weird being the only person at the coffee shop writing erotica LOL. Unless I'm at an action scene or something, I don't think I can write sex in a public place. Nope nope.

Hell, I'm struggling just to get into the NaNo mind now. Been working hard-core on The Drifters. So I'll have to push myself, even if I'm writing useless tripe for the first couple days until my story jumps in my head and says "Okay, I'm ready to be written now". Haha!

There's so much editing I need to do in the meantime. *shrugs* Editing isn't really my forte. I have an eye for spelling and little random errors, but that's it.

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