Oct 12, 2011

NaNoWriMo... this year I'm ready...

I'm pretty sure I'm ready, anyway. LOL

I've added to my outline. I have 5 scenes!! Wow haha. I also popped on the Nano site and updated a few things on there. Still no clue what to name the damn book so I guess it's untitled for now. It may take the name The Watering Hole but I'm really iffy on that title.

Anywho, what is this WIP Wednesday I see some fellow authors doing?? Ah, it's way to share what your working on. Huh.

All through November, during my Nano writing, I'll be sharing little snippits of my project during Saturday. LOL. Sexy Saturdays? It's just easier for me to share on Sat since I write during the weekdays.

And this will be the place to find 'em.

Really ready to start. This story is burning to be told.

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