Oct 26, 2011

Image sensory??

Thought I'd share a piece of my current WIP pie!

From The Drifters, 18+:

Dante thrust slowly, opening me to him and I gasped in lurid pleasure to the sensation rolling through my spine.

Shit! He felt so damn good buried deep inside. I looked up at the shadows dancing on the walls ahead of me. Our shadows. My ass high in the air. His dark silhouette moving behind me. A musky scent drowned out the sweet smell of his cologne.

Dante leaned over my back; the tickle of his long hair brushed against my skin. His lips embraced my left shoulder and I angled my head. Hair rolled down into my face. His fangs scraped along my flesh and a moan escaped his lips.

I felt the trickle of blood ooze down my naked back. His tongue followed, lapping at the liquor before his lips curved around the wound he'd created.

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