Oct 29, 2011

It's 3 days before NaNo madness!

I think I'll be writing all the way up to NaNo! How about you?

See, this damn bookie won't get out of my head. I've done close to 2k words everyday, with Wed. being a 3,500k day haha.

Okay okay, I know I'm not the only one out there who will be writing 2 novels on NaNo. But I have to get my thoughts wrapped around the project.

Then I imagine I'll be so burned out by Dec. that's the perfect month to spend editing my er... 4 bookies. Gah!!

Are you ready?

Oct 26, 2011

Image sensory??

Thought I'd share a piece of my current WIP pie!

From The Drifters, 18+:

Oct 25, 2011

NaNoWriMo write-ins... ehh... not too sure.

I finally read there may be some NaNo write-in's in my small city. At first, I'm like "Sure. That would be awesome to get support from fellow writers locally." But now, I'm debating.

It would feel a little weird being the only person at the coffee shop writing erotica LOL. Unless I'm at an action scene or something, I don't think I can write sex in a public place. Nope nope.

Hell, I'm struggling just to get into the NaNo mind now. Been working hard-core on The Drifters. So I'll have to push myself, even if I'm writing useless tripe for the first couple days until my story jumps in my head and says "Okay, I'm ready to be written now". Haha!

There's so much editing I need to do in the meantime. *shrugs* Editing isn't really my forte. I have an eye for spelling and little random errors, but that's it.

Oct 19, 2011

It took me awhile but...

... I'm finally writing again. Took me a few days to get out of a slump. I'm working more on Drifters, trying to figure out that spark I need.

Still anxious for NaNo. haha I talked about it with a friend of mine and now she's going to participate too!!

And I admit to this shameless plug, but I'll only do it once per book, I promise...

Dark Night Skies is finally available on Amazon :) Yes, it's a self-published book.

Oct 15, 2011

Learning resumes...

Not to say that I'm not always researching and learning. Just saying that I have some new things to look up and think about.

Well, unfortunately, Road to Nowhere was rejected but with specific reasons why. So I'm going to tweak the ms and send it out to a different publisher. Before then, I'm learning how to strengthen my writing, especially in one specific area, before sending it back out.

On another note, that I've probably said before - please pardon the repeat if I did, I'm doing final preparations on Dark Night Skies before I offer it on Smashwords. I was debating free read or .99 cents. But it will probably be free.
Then I'm still working on The Drifters, which is now 11k words :)

Oct 12, 2011

NaNoWriMo... this year I'm ready...

I'm pretty sure I'm ready, anyway. LOL

I've added to my outline. I have 5 scenes!! Wow haha. I also popped on the Nano site and updated a few things on there. Still no clue what to name the damn book so I guess it's untitled for now. It may take the name The Watering Hole but I'm really iffy on that title.

Anywho, what is this WIP Wednesday I see some fellow authors doing?? Ah, it's way to share what your working on. Huh.

All through November, during my Nano writing, I'll be sharing little snippits of my project during Saturday. LOL. Sexy Saturdays? It's just easier for me to share on Sat since I write during the weekdays.

And this will be the place to find 'em.

Really ready to start. This story is burning to be told.

Oct 3, 2011

Will I make it?

Well, I just took up a different project which seems to be quite addictive. So, we'll have to see if I make it for NaNo this year hehe. But the Nano project is just eating me alive to be written too so I'm not too worried about Nano still. Except for the word count. That's what I'm worried about.

Can't remember if I posted a link to my profile there. mchick-101 if you are participating, add me to your buddies if ya want :P

Maybe I should finish up one of my other WIP's before starting on a new one huh? Let's see, I have 3 different ones. I did finish the rough draft to that SMP short. Cross that one off. Then I have some random one about an angel... and a random historical one. LOL I guess it's better than my notebook full of incomplete works from when I was a teen.