Sep 7, 2011

Whut the... holy crap... I don't... huh?

Being as I'm new to writing romance altogether, seriously I used to cringe at romantic tales, I'm learning all too quickly the ins and outs, dos and dont's. Not just to romance writing but writing in general. Damn, I don't think I sucked when I was writing Denial LOL. But hell, my grammar and sentence structure... whut the fuck??

I made an editing/writing checklist today for myself. It lists everything that any one beta has ever noted in my work... grammar issues, punctuation has been a biggy, oh god the comma splice terror, as well as lack of sex LOL or better put - lack of emotion in sex. LOL How about using medical terminology to describe body parts?? Yep! Raises hand!
So that nice, long checklist I will be using while writing to remember to do those things instead.

Also, hehe, I was a horror writer... I had no clue how fast romance readers read! Wow! Um, not worried of lack of ideas... somewhat worried of marketing to writing ratio if I do self-pub. So I'm looking (again) at submitting Dark Night Skies to a different publisher after I change the end scene.
Hm, lack of sex, they say??

Better change that! ------->

I've been reading some lately, too. I'm slow at reading, but I've been devouring Jourdan Lane's Bound by Blood lately. Actually, it was a recommendation by the talented Emily Vienglory, after I asked in AW about writing implied anal sex... aka anal that happens without using explicit words for it. LOL if that makes sense.

I'm starting to fall over towards the explicit... sounds better, since in the simple example above, you have no idea where the guy is thrusting haha!

I think writing sex and action scenes are probably the hardest things. Haha

Another recommendation: Katrina Strauss, Blue Ruin series... awesome AWESOME yaoi influenced (i think.. no, I'm pretty sure) stories.

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