Sep 14, 2011

Random thoughts...

A few random thoughts for the day:

1. I'm changing the layout again... prepare for utter destruction!! Mwahahaha!

2. NaNoWriMo is coming up. I wasn't feeling up to par last year so this year, I'm taking the plunge into the NaNo waters. Seriously, I'm not a novel writer. I've always enjoyed writing shorter stories 1,000 to 25,000 words so reaching a novel goal seems extremely compelling to me haha.

I do have an idea fleshed out and, since writing an outline before hand is allowed, I'm going to take advantage of that... which I normally don't do either, I'm a 'wing it' kind of gal.

On another note, which is not a 'random daily thought' but more something that's has interested me for a few months... I've recently spoken to self-published author, Todd Young, who has a couple of m/m erotica novels on Amazon and Smashwords. Best conversation I could have possibly had... something, I believe, that I needed to help my decision. :)

And to top off the week, it's getting very cold here in Nebraska. Where the hell did summer go? It flew the nest haha.

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