Sep 16, 2011

New layout!

New layout is here. That was easy :)

The pretty little Twitter birdie isn't actually linked to my twitstream yet though, so don't click it or you may be sent to internetz hell! Haha, I kid, I kid. Actually, it may say "page not found" LOL

Anyway, I submitted a partial yesterday for Road to Nowhere to Loose ID. *fingers crossed*

And I wrote close to 10k words this week for an anthology submission out at Storm Moon Press that's not due until April; but, hell, I figure why the fuck not, ya' know.

Other than those two thingies, now I sit listening to The Gazette being kinda' bored cause I'm wondering what to work on next. So, let's see, I have editing to do still. I'm not an editing junkie... I can go back to writing for the anthology... if I can get in the mood for some hot sex! haha

I could update my blog and my WIP's page LOL

yeah... that's the ticket!!

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