Sep 18, 2011

The muse or the market?

Random thought:

I had a question a while ago asking if I write on my muse or for the market. And, honestly, I could care less if what I wrote had a 'market'. I write solely on my muse and always have. My muse cries out hot m/m romance. It used to cry out horror and vampirisms, etc...
Yeah, talk about a change.

So write on your muse. There may just be a market for just about anything. Even if it's a small market, hell you could write about hippie space pirates who hunt mutant squirrels on planet Levantine, I bet ya' you could find readers haha

Lately, my muse has been calling out for me to write more fantasy and paranormal. I wrote RtN which was contemp. so I guess it's time for a change. LOL

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