Sep 22, 2011


I'm feeling kinda' shitty. Don't know if it's still allergies or this damn cold that's going around. So I haven't been writing, nor editing for that matter. Been hella' busy in real life too, though, and I haven't had time to think. LOL

But I have had time to dream... or at least imagine my next project. Yeah, I have wayyy too many WIP's going at one time. But this idea is for NaNoWriMo. There's a whole scene playing out in my head. I'm just hoping I can find 50k words for it during the month LOL

What I'll do, though, is write out a full outline of the scene, characters, anything afterwards, etc.

Before November, I am juggling 3 different projects. Not ideal though haha. But the random fallen angel idea is still calling, as well as the short project for SMP, so I should have something to keep me company until NaNo.


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