Aug 24, 2011

Where is your inspiration??

I get my inspiration from music, like a lot of other writers and artists. It's awesome, too, because it hits you when you're least ready for it haha!

So my next writing project hits somewhat close to home. I said "fuck it" and took some carnival stuffs that I remember from when I was 19 and wrote about it. Not having a clue what to name it, I hopped on youtube and was randomly listening to music when I ran into... low and behold, the god of metal, Ozzy Osbourne.

Road to Nowhere

Okay, the other songs with this same title rock too. Talking Heads, Bullet for My Valentine. Haha!

Ever had something hit you like that? Blows your f**king mind, really!

I'm also a follower of Laurell Hamilton on FB and she posts her music playlists as she writes. Marilyn Manson! Awesome!!

Anywho, I'm still planning on posting more free stories and then, since I really don't care for the tagging system all too much, I'll link them all from a tab at the top of the blog. This is a note to myself, I'm a terrible procrastinator!! LOL

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