Aug 30, 2011

Plunging into uncertain waters...

I'm considering taking a dive into self publishing by writing/publishing a short story via Smashwords. Hence, I say 'uncertain waters' because I've never done that before. I'm interested, sure, wondering what the process is like. Truth be told, I'm more interested in the process for Kindle self-pubbing.

But I don't have anything written in gold, yet. I have Leaves of Fall, which was supposed to be a project written for just that, however I decided that the short story line wasn't quite what I wanted and I need to rewrite.

Self publishing is something that I've thought about a lot since February. Hell, I've wracked my brain for hours on end, no shit. But I'm still unsure.

I have studied up on the process. On the doubts, the reputation, the talk. I've checked out blogs by the best selling self-pubbers out there. I've checked out the few blogs written by erotica self-pubbers. Yes, there are only a few. Weird that!
Literally, my brain is smoking! LOL

The one problem I worry about, and the only problem, is efficient marketing. Will I be able to do it properly considering all my RL needs?
But is it really hard to spend that extra 30 minutes to an hour on the interwebs, updating my blog, updating signatures, finally adding something to FaceBook LOL and some guest blogging?
Hell, I already spend up to 8 hours on the pc a day.

Haha, sorry about the rant, peeps. But sometimes, the most simple decisions can be the hardest. I'm still working on subbing a book to a publisher. No doubt about that. But I'm also thinking, there's nothing wrong with pubbing some shorties through s.w. and kindle??

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