Aug 3, 2011

In the mood for some writing!!

Well, bad new first I guess... Black Night Skies was rejected again. Boooo!!

Good news second, I got my writing stamina back!!

Okay, so how the f* does that happen? Because I have decided to take my originally planned route for this book (self-publishing) and not listen to a damn thing anyone says. lol
So, yes, Black Night Skies and it's series will be self-pubbed via Amazon as soon as I finish re-writing/editing the 2nd book. I'm looking at before Halloween sometime.

Does this mean I won't be going for a commercial pub?? No, I will be trying again with a new wip. But this does mean BNS and subsequent books as well as anything that is crossing genre lines, will be self-pubbed.

I have My Sweet Prince, that has caused a little controversy, that will probably go self-pub as well.

Anywho, besides for all of this, I haven't been doing much writing yet. But I'm feeling it sinking into my bones LOL

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