Jul 2, 2011

A little update...

I was rejected and I subbed Black Night Skies again. Yes, that fast.

So I'm back to work writing My Sweet Prince, and editing Wicked Intentions. Not too much else happening.
Spent last night discussing rape = non-consensual in a forum I frequent. Haha! Why do I ask such stupid questions?? I don't necessarily like rape scenes, but I'm all for some hot and heavy bdsm. LOL
It was for a re-write for My Sweet Prince. I won't give too many details, just to say why would my character be interested in a man who 'raped' him in the first place? *bangs head on desk* So it was cuttin' time.

Anywho, in the meanwhile, I've been catching up on anime watching and manga reading when I'm not writing. Damn! Get so tied up in my stories that I forget about Bleach?? Absurd!!

Then I'm fighting not to start on any other projects until MSP is done!! Too many ideas, it's driving me batty!