Jun 23, 2011

Winks Winks

I'm having tons of fun!

Write or Die by Dr. Wicked

Check that ^^ out!

If you have problems getting your ass in gear to write (like me), try that! I've really up'd my word count, without worrying about editing as I write, in the last few days. It has a setting which will erase your words if you take too long of a pause... so don't dilly dally too long :)

I still got a long way to go though with My Sweet Prince. *sighs*
But I'm already itching for the next project. Something I would like to start on after MSP... it's a time-out from this fantasy/paranormal stuff. Yep, try some modern (chick fic) m/m erotic romance. LOL

Though I'm itching to start on the next in the series BNS too... which is unnamed at the moment.

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