Jun 3, 2011

An assignment for myself...

I'm giving myself an assignment. I love writing in 1st person... therefore any attempts at 3rd person have sounded, well... like utter shit!!
So everyday for the month of June, unless I work a long shift, I am going to write a short piece only in 3rd person. Let's say something short up to 2,500 words. Using random writing prompts from random places on the interwebs.

Why am I going through all this work?

Well, because I read time and time again that 3rd person is preferred over 1st person for numerous reasons. Everything from bad 1st person fanfic to needing to know what the other person is thinking. Now I can't say I relate to the bad fanfic reason, because I've never written fanfic (not counting my FullMetal Alchemist or Dragonball Z stories... shhh lol) but they were in 3rd person, I swear!! However, I can relate to the needing to know what the other person is feeling/thinking bit. Yeah, how many times did you wonder what Chris was thinking in Denial?? -- maybe I was the only one --

Why I can't get the hang of 3rd person is beyond me, and damn it *thumps fist on the desk* I'm going to find out!!

Anywho, I'm still playing the waiting game... it's only been 1 1/2 weeks since subbing, I'm in no hurry.

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