Jun 23, 2011

Winks Winks

I'm having tons of fun!

Write or Die by Dr. Wicked

Check that ^^ out!

If you have problems getting your ass in gear to write (like me), try that! I've really up'd my word count, without worrying about editing as I write, in the last few days. It has a setting which will erase your words if you take too long of a pause... so don't dilly dally too long :)

I still got a long way to go though with My Sweet Prince. *sighs*
But I'm already itching for the next project. Something I would like to start on after MSP... it's a time-out from this fantasy/paranormal stuff. Yep, try some modern (chick fic) m/m erotic romance. LOL

Though I'm itching to start on the next in the series BNS too... which is unnamed at the moment.

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Jun 15, 2011

A few random things...

I updated my WIP's page to reflect my current to-do and ect...

Done with the rough draft of Wicked Intentions! Now it's editing and beta reading :)

Getting back to work on my third person writing project with a short fantasy story I talked about in my last post. Not sure what I'll do with it when I'm done...

In other news, I finally messed around on Twitter. I keep forgetting I'm even on there. Haha! But hey, at least I can keep up with my favorite author's WIP's *winks*

Jun 12, 2011

So, I'm back to work on Wicked Intentions. About time, eh? I have 700 words left, then I'm going to re-read over and edit while I throw a few chapters at a time to my beta reader.

Still haven't heard back from the publisher but that's okay. Gives me more time to work on these projects hehe.

And I haven't worked on the third person writing assignment like I was going to. Instead, I rendered a scene out in Poser and I'm going to write a short fantasy scene with it like a story board. I am hoping to self-publish it sometime, just for the hell of it.


In my arms, stood the only link between ageless eternity and death... And I couldn't protect him, to save his life.

Jun 3, 2011

An assignment for myself...

I'm giving myself an assignment. I love writing in 1st person... therefore any attempts at 3rd person have sounded, well... like utter shit!!
So everyday for the month of June, unless I work a long shift, I am going to write a short piece only in 3rd person. Let's say something short up to 2,500 words. Using random writing prompts from random places on the interwebs.

Why am I going through all this work?

Well, because I read time and time again that 3rd person is preferred over 1st person for numerous reasons. Everything from bad 1st person fanfic to needing to know what the other person is thinking. Now I can't say I relate to the bad fanfic reason, because I've never written fanfic (not counting my FullMetal Alchemist or Dragonball Z stories... shhh lol) but they were in 3rd person, I swear!! However, I can relate to the needing to know what the other person is feeling/thinking bit. Yeah, how many times did you wonder what Chris was thinking in Denial?? -- maybe I was the only one --

Why I can't get the hang of 3rd person is beyond me, and damn it *thumps fist on the desk* I'm going to find out!!

Anywho, I'm still playing the waiting game... it's only been 1 1/2 weeks since subbing, I'm in no hurry.

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