May 6, 2011


So as I sit silently waiting to hear back from my beta, I'm considering subbing to an e-pub.

I like doing research. I do it all the time. Researching for stories, researching writing stuff, etc... but I say DAMN!!

There are a lot of e-pubs out there.

What I'm looking for:

an e-pub that accepts erotic romance, an e-pub that specializes in fantasy categories i.e. supernatural, paranormal, sci-fi (not hard to find), series acceptance beyond 3 books - big one - and hard to find too, time from editing to publishing - 3 months? 12 months?

Notice I didn't say royalty, even though this is something I'm considering... many writers go into this making it their career. But whether I choose to e-pub or self-pub, I just want to write and be heard.

This, though, makes me wonder. Amazon has been taking a lot of M/M titles down, from novels to manga in the last few months. Okay wtf is up with that??

If I end up self-pubbing, I am aiming at Amazon (and Smashwords). So I wonder what's next in line to be taken down?

~ I'll stop now... soon I'll be posting cover art and other various artwork :)

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