May 16, 2011

And I say

GAHHH!!! Am I bored as fuck!!!

Had a decent visit last week with the mother. "Decent" means damn good in our family, hey we didn't fight, that's always awesome haha. But after the long 7 smut-less days with the parent, I'm having a hell of a time trying to write anything.


I have a good, smexy scene coming up but I can not get it out of my mind and onto the word processor.  DAMN NUTS!!

But I did let my mom read Black Night Skies. Why? Because just a couple weeks ago, she said "I always thought everything you write was stupid." Well, here then... read this and her eyes lit up and she said "that's good." *happy dances*

And I do have a plan for summer. A long, novel length story... hot, wild sex... ya' know the kind. The stuff that gets ya sweatin', or some other kind of wet *winks*


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