May 25, 2011

Update here too

Well, I subbed for the first time. It's quite an experience... for me anyway. It's hard to explain really.
It's like when your a kid and you think "gah, I'm never letting anyone read my crappy drabble" LOL going to... "well, I guess I'll try it"

I received a conformation of receipt this morning so just gotta give it some time. In the meantime, I'm working on two other WIP's and preparing for a peaceful week ahead. :)

May 23, 2011

FYI: I'm still toying with the idea changing from WP to Blogger... but I think I'm happier here. Though posting pictures will always giving me probs.
And why the fuck is there this big area underneath my posts???

May 18, 2011

Plans for the next two weeks

1. Read some good books

2. Avoid BNS!!

3. When I'm done reading ... edit!

4. Moar edit

5. Work on My Sweet Prince *winks*

May 16, 2011

And I say

GAHHH!!! Am I bored as fuck!!!

Had a decent visit last week with the mother. "Decent" means damn good in our family, hey we didn't fight, that's always awesome haha. But after the long 7 smut-less days with the parent, I'm having a hell of a time trying to write anything.


I have a good, smexy scene coming up but I can not get it out of my mind and onto the word processor.  DAMN NUTS!!

But I did let my mom read Black Night Skies. Why? Because just a couple weeks ago, she said "I always thought everything you write was stupid." Well, here then... read this and her eyes lit up and she said "that's good." *happy dances*

And I do have a plan for summer. A long, novel length story... hot, wild sex... ya' know the kind. The stuff that gets ya sweatin', or some other kind of wet *winks*


A good day to write...

It's a lovely day to write.

thats all...

May 6, 2011


So as I sit silently waiting to hear back from my beta, I'm considering subbing to an e-pub.

I like doing research. I do it all the time. Researching for stories, researching writing stuff, etc... but I say DAMN!!

There are a lot of e-pubs out there.

What I'm looking for:

an e-pub that accepts erotic romance, an e-pub that specializes in fantasy categories i.e. supernatural, paranormal, sci-fi (not hard to find), series acceptance beyond 3 books - big one - and hard to find too, time from editing to publishing - 3 months? 12 months?

Notice I didn't say royalty, even though this is something I'm considering... many writers go into this making it their career. But whether I choose to e-pub or self-pub, I just want to write and be heard.

This, though, makes me wonder. Amazon has been taking a lot of M/M titles down, from novels to manga in the last few months. Okay wtf is up with that??

If I end up self-pubbing, I am aiming at Amazon (and Smashwords). So I wonder what's next in line to be taken down?

~ I'll stop now... soon I'll be posting cover art and other various artwork :)

May 3, 2011

Gotta get used to this

Yes, I must update this blog more often. So soon, I shall post some concept art from my current WIP's for ya'll to drool.