Dec 15, 2011

The Man Who Spoke My Name

Title: The Man Who Spoke My Name
Word Count: 5,254
Categories: contemporary, short story, erotic romance, short series free read
Again, thanks to: Melanie Tushmore for the awesome beta, and Whistle who knows K.C. in and out!!
Notes: This turned out a sweet romance with no smut...


Dec 7, 2011

Once Upon a New Years Eve

Title: Once Upon a New Years Eve
Word Count: 6,731
Categories: contemporary, short story, erotic romance, short series free read, NSFW
Thanks to: Melanie Tushmore for the awesome beta, and Whistle who knows K.C. in and out!!
Also available to download in .pdf format at: ARe, Smashwords, Goodreads

Joey is at a New Years Eve party, sulking in heart break from a recent breakup. Just when he thinks it couldn't get worse, Dillon, an old bully from high school, enters his life again.


Nov 30, 2011

To-do list December 2011

Here is my to-do list for December 2011, revised (again 12-13-2011):

1. Edit Wicked Intentions, find beta.

2. Edit On Clouds of Obsession once back from beta

3. Plan and research original post-apoc. idea...

Finish and post Once Upon a New Years Eve freebie short story (2nd book coming soon)
On Clouds of Obsession, anthology submission and return to beta reader for further critique

And that's it. The Last Road Home is taking a trip into trunks-ville until I can reconsider some plot issues. And as for my NaNo project, lets not even talk about that one.

Nov 28, 2011

The Drifters WIP - Flight of Secrets (free chapter)

Here is the first chapter from The Drifters WIP, edited and on it's second draft. If you'd like to read it at Goodreads, here is the link.

Comments and/or suggestions highly welcomed!!

Title: The Drifters - Flight of Secrets
Word Count: 4,336
Warnings: Biting, mention of blood, 'lube free' sex <<-- I am going to rewrite that part, NSFW!!
Copyright Azalea Moone @ 2011

Nov 27, 2011

Nano week 4 update

Still typing up the usual daily word count on nano. I hit 45k today :) But this last week was hard, with Thanksgiving and everything, and I didn't really write anything at all.

So, no share this week awwwww... mainly because I ran out of plot and made up a little alternate reality with the two characters. LOL

I'm now looking forward to December, when I can set this damn NaNo project aside and continue working on The Drifters!!

Nov 13, 2011


Well, I can safely say that I am sick and tired of my Nano project now. After yesterday, that is, I went to the library and picked up the latest Anne Rice novel (I'm a sucker) and bingo, got drawn right into it. LOL
So, just had to go home and write a little after that, but I looked at my NaNo and went "blah". Instead, I followed a bit of a plot bunny and wrote something else.

Yes, I'm sick of nano. The whole thing sounds like horrid shit that, I'm sure with a little work, I could edit to make sound better. It's like one big outline.

But I'm not signing off on the project, just saying that I probably won't hit 50k unless this next part, angsty drama, kicks my gears up a notch.

And I may just post this little plot bunny thingie majiger up on my writing blog this week, instead of a piece of NaNo.
I work on way too many projects at one time. LOL I really want to write more on this, it's going off of a call for submission from a small press. Ya know, one of those that makes you go O_O holy fuck! I gotta', no, I needa' write that!!

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Oct 29, 2011

It's 3 days before NaNo madness!

I think I'll be writing all the way up to NaNo! How about you?

See, this damn bookie won't get out of my head. I've done close to 2k words everyday, with Wed. being a 3,500k day haha.

Okay okay, I know I'm not the only one out there who will be writing 2 novels on NaNo. But I have to get my thoughts wrapped around the project.

Then I imagine I'll be so burned out by Dec. that's the perfect month to spend editing my er... 4 bookies. Gah!!

Are you ready?

Oct 26, 2011

Image sensory??

Thought I'd share a piece of my current WIP pie!

From The Drifters, 18+:

Oct 25, 2011

NaNoWriMo write-ins... ehh... not too sure.

I finally read there may be some NaNo write-in's in my small city. At first, I'm like "Sure. That would be awesome to get support from fellow writers locally." But now, I'm debating.

It would feel a little weird being the only person at the coffee shop writing erotica LOL. Unless I'm at an action scene or something, I don't think I can write sex in a public place. Nope nope.

Hell, I'm struggling just to get into the NaNo mind now. Been working hard-core on The Drifters. So I'll have to push myself, even if I'm writing useless tripe for the first couple days until my story jumps in my head and says "Okay, I'm ready to be written now". Haha!

There's so much editing I need to do in the meantime. *shrugs* Editing isn't really my forte. I have an eye for spelling and little random errors, but that's it.

Oct 19, 2011

It took me awhile but...

... I'm finally writing again. Took me a few days to get out of a slump. I'm working more on Drifters, trying to figure out that spark I need.

Still anxious for NaNo. haha I talked about it with a friend of mine and now she's going to participate too!!

And I admit to this shameless plug, but I'll only do it once per book, I promise...

Dark Night Skies is finally available on Amazon :) Yes, it's a self-published book.

Oct 15, 2011

Learning resumes...

Not to say that I'm not always researching and learning. Just saying that I have some new things to look up and think about.

Well, unfortunately, Road to Nowhere was rejected but with specific reasons why. So I'm going to tweak the ms and send it out to a different publisher. Before then, I'm learning how to strengthen my writing, especially in one specific area, before sending it back out.

On another note, that I've probably said before - please pardon the repeat if I did, I'm doing final preparations on Dark Night Skies before I offer it on Smashwords. I was debating free read or .99 cents. But it will probably be free.
Then I'm still working on The Drifters, which is now 11k words :)

Oct 12, 2011

NaNoWriMo... this year I'm ready...

I'm pretty sure I'm ready, anyway. LOL

I've added to my outline. I have 5 scenes!! Wow haha. I also popped on the Nano site and updated a few things on there. Still no clue what to name the damn book so I guess it's untitled for now. It may take the name The Watering Hole but I'm really iffy on that title.

Anywho, what is this WIP Wednesday I see some fellow authors doing?? Ah, it's way to share what your working on. Huh.

All through November, during my Nano writing, I'll be sharing little snippits of my project during Saturday. LOL. Sexy Saturdays? It's just easier for me to share on Sat since I write during the weekdays.

And this will be the place to find 'em.

Really ready to start. This story is burning to be told.

Oct 3, 2011

Will I make it?

Well, I just took up a different project which seems to be quite addictive. So, we'll have to see if I make it for NaNo this year hehe. But the Nano project is just eating me alive to be written too so I'm not too worried about Nano still. Except for the word count. That's what I'm worried about.

Can't remember if I posted a link to my profile there. mchick-101 if you are participating, add me to your buddies if ya want :P

Maybe I should finish up one of my other WIP's before starting on a new one huh? Let's see, I have 3 different ones. I did finish the rough draft to that SMP short. Cross that one off. Then I have some random one about an angel... and a random historical one. LOL I guess it's better than my notebook full of incomplete works from when I was a teen.

Sep 22, 2011


I'm feeling kinda' shitty. Don't know if it's still allergies or this damn cold that's going around. So I haven't been writing, nor editing for that matter. Been hella' busy in real life too, though, and I haven't had time to think. LOL

But I have had time to dream... or at least imagine my next project. Yeah, I have wayyy too many WIP's going at one time. But this idea is for NaNoWriMo. There's a whole scene playing out in my head. I'm just hoping I can find 50k words for it during the month LOL

What I'll do, though, is write out a full outline of the scene, characters, anything afterwards, etc.

Before November, I am juggling 3 different projects. Not ideal though haha. But the random fallen angel idea is still calling, as well as the short project for SMP, so I should have something to keep me company until NaNo.


Sep 18, 2011

The muse or the market?

Random thought:

I had a question a while ago asking if I write on my muse or for the market. And, honestly, I could care less if what I wrote had a 'market'. I write solely on my muse and always have. My muse cries out hot m/m romance. It used to cry out horror and vampirisms, etc...
Yeah, talk about a change.

So write on your muse. There may just be a market for just about anything. Even if it's a small market, hell you could write about hippie space pirates who hunt mutant squirrels on planet Levantine, I bet ya' you could find readers haha

Lately, my muse has been calling out for me to write more fantasy and paranormal. I wrote RtN which was contemp. so I guess it's time for a change. LOL

Sep 16, 2011

New layout!

New layout is here. That was easy :)

The pretty little Twitter birdie isn't actually linked to my twitstream yet though, so don't click it or you may be sent to internetz hell! Haha, I kid, I kid. Actually, it may say "page not found" LOL

Anyway, I submitted a partial yesterday for Road to Nowhere to Loose ID. *fingers crossed*

And I wrote close to 10k words this week for an anthology submission out at Storm Moon Press that's not due until April; but, hell, I figure why the fuck not, ya' know.

Other than those two thingies, now I sit listening to The Gazette being kinda' bored cause I'm wondering what to work on next. So, let's see, I have editing to do still. I'm not an editing junkie... I can go back to writing for the anthology... if I can get in the mood for some hot sex! haha

I could update my blog and my WIP's page LOL

yeah... that's the ticket!!

Sep 14, 2011

Random thoughts...

A few random thoughts for the day:

1. I'm changing the layout again... prepare for utter destruction!! Mwahahaha!

2. NaNoWriMo is coming up. I wasn't feeling up to par last year so this year, I'm taking the plunge into the NaNo waters. Seriously, I'm not a novel writer. I've always enjoyed writing shorter stories 1,000 to 25,000 words so reaching a novel goal seems extremely compelling to me haha.

I do have an idea fleshed out and, since writing an outline before hand is allowed, I'm going to take advantage of that... which I normally don't do either, I'm a 'wing it' kind of gal.

On another note, which is not a 'random daily thought' but more something that's has interested me for a few months... I've recently spoken to self-published author, Todd Young, who has a couple of m/m erotica novels on Amazon and Smashwords. Best conversation I could have possibly had... something, I believe, that I needed to help my decision. :)

And to top off the week, it's getting very cold here in Nebraska. Where the hell did summer go? It flew the nest haha.

Sep 7, 2011

Whut the... holy crap... I don't... huh?

Being as I'm new to writing romance altogether, seriously I used to cringe at romantic tales, I'm learning all too quickly the ins and outs, dos and dont's. Not just to romance writing but writing in general. Damn, I don't think I sucked when I was writing Denial LOL. But hell, my grammar and sentence structure... whut the fuck??

I made an editing/writing checklist today for myself. It lists everything that any one beta has ever noted in my work... grammar issues, punctuation has been a biggy, oh god the comma splice terror, as well as lack of sex LOL or better put - lack of emotion in sex. LOL How about using medical terminology to describe body parts?? Yep! Raises hand!
So that nice, long checklist I will be using while writing to remember to do those things instead.

Also, hehe, I was a horror writer... I had no clue how fast romance readers read! Wow! Um, not worried of lack of ideas... somewhat worried of marketing to writing ratio if I do self-pub. So I'm looking (again) at submitting Dark Night Skies to a different publisher after I change the end scene.
Hm, lack of sex, they say??

Better change that! ------->

I've been reading some lately, too. I'm slow at reading, but I've been devouring Jourdan Lane's Bound by Blood lately. Actually, it was a recommendation by the talented Emily Vienglory, after I asked in AW about writing implied anal sex... aka anal that happens without using explicit words for it. LOL if that makes sense.

I'm starting to fall over towards the explicit... sounds better, since in the simple example above, you have no idea where the guy is thrusting haha!

I think writing sex and action scenes are probably the hardest things. Haha

Another recommendation: Katrina Strauss, Blue Ruin series... awesome AWESOME yaoi influenced (i think.. no, I'm pretty sure) stories.

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Cough, hack, sneezes...

Sickly sickly me... and family :( means no writing. I just can't wrap my head around it, hehe. I've been editing though, and beta reading... That still proves difficult when my head feels like it's spinning and going to pop.

But I'm still on the ball for publication. Well, except for the fact that uncertainty is building over me again like a freaking cloud. Should I? Shouldn't I? What the fuck??

Here it is again, the submission schedule:

Submit Road to Nowhere in Sept 2011

That's it. Where is Dark Night Skies? Under the umbrella... again. Damn it. It's. Just. Too. Good!

Submit Dark Night Skies in Oct 2011??

Aug 30, 2011

Plunging into uncertain waters...

I'm considering taking a dive into self publishing by writing/publishing a short story via Smashwords. Hence, I say 'uncertain waters' because I've never done that before. I'm interested, sure, wondering what the process is like. Truth be told, I'm more interested in the process for Kindle self-pubbing.

But I don't have anything written in gold, yet. I have Leaves of Fall, which was supposed to be a project written for just that, however I decided that the short story line wasn't quite what I wanted and I need to rewrite.

Self publishing is something that I've thought about a lot since February. Hell, I've wracked my brain for hours on end, no shit. But I'm still unsure.

I have studied up on the process. On the doubts, the reputation, the talk. I've checked out blogs by the best selling self-pubbers out there. I've checked out the few blogs written by erotica self-pubbers. Yes, there are only a few. Weird that!
Literally, my brain is smoking! LOL

The one problem I worry about, and the only problem, is efficient marketing. Will I be able to do it properly considering all my RL needs?
But is it really hard to spend that extra 30 minutes to an hour on the interwebs, updating my blog, updating signatures, finally adding something to FaceBook LOL and some guest blogging?
Hell, I already spend up to 8 hours on the pc a day.

Haha, sorry about the rant, peeps. But sometimes, the most simple decisions can be the hardest. I'm still working on subbing a book to a publisher. No doubt about that. But I'm also thinking, there's nothing wrong with pubbing some shorties through s.w. and kindle??

Aug 26, 2011

New design

I like the new design of the blog.
The 'Hot Peeps' menu still needs work, but the rest are working. I'm still planning on linking all my free reads to the corresponding stories.

But I've been quite busy being A) editing.... which is not a good idea when you are B) sick.


Aug 24, 2011

Where is your inspiration??

I get my inspiration from music, like a lot of other writers and artists. It's awesome, too, because it hits you when you're least ready for it haha!

So my next writing project hits somewhat close to home. I said "fuck it" and took some carnival stuffs that I remember from when I was 19 and wrote about it. Not having a clue what to name it, I hopped on youtube and was randomly listening to music when I ran into... low and behold, the god of metal, Ozzy Osbourne.

Road to Nowhere

Okay, the other songs with this same title rock too. Talking Heads, Bullet for My Valentine. Haha!

Ever had something hit you like that? Blows your f**king mind, really!

I'm also a follower of Laurell Hamilton on FB and she posts her music playlists as she writes. Marilyn Manson! Awesome!!

Anywho, I'm still planning on posting more free stories and then, since I really don't care for the tagging system all too much, I'll link them all from a tab at the top of the blog. This is a note to myself, I'm a terrible procrastinator!! LOL

Aug 14, 2011

Change of Plans

A bit of a change of plans...

I've decided (I think, lol) to combine Black Night Skies with Wicked Intentions, making it one book with 2 parts.
Damn vampires won't leave me alone... haha!

Well, that's what I've been contemplating anyway. This would make the entire story closer to 50K... O.O

But it also might find a publisher easier this way too.

So, I'm looking for another beta reader to look over the entire manuscript. Black Night Skies

Aug 9, 2011

Beta reader wanted

I always have several ongoing projects that could use critique at any given time, as of late.

Or, I also have Wicked Intentions which I'm just finishing up editing and adding a few extras to.

If you are interested in either fully beta reading or critiquing an aspiring erotic romance author, please e-mail me using the little mail icon at the top of the blog.

Ongoing project genres include: paranormal romance, modern/slice of life, and historical.

Aug 3, 2011

In the mood for some writing!!

Well, bad new first I guess... Black Night Skies was rejected again. Boooo!!

Good news second, I got my writing stamina back!!

Okay, so how the f* does that happen? Because I have decided to take my originally planned route for this book (self-publishing) and not listen to a damn thing anyone says. lol
So, yes, Black Night Skies and it's series will be self-pubbed via Amazon as soon as I finish re-writing/editing the 2nd book. I'm looking at before Halloween sometime.

Does this mean I won't be going for a commercial pub?? No, I will be trying again with a new wip. But this does mean BNS and subsequent books as well as anything that is crossing genre lines, will be self-pubbed.

I have My Sweet Prince, that has caused a little controversy, that will probably go self-pub as well.

Anywho, besides for all of this, I haven't been doing much writing yet. But I'm feeling it sinking into my bones LOL

Jul 2, 2011

A little update...

I was rejected and I subbed Black Night Skies again. Yes, that fast.

So I'm back to work writing My Sweet Prince, and editing Wicked Intentions. Not too much else happening.
Spent last night discussing rape = non-consensual in a forum I frequent. Haha! Why do I ask such stupid questions?? I don't necessarily like rape scenes, but I'm all for some hot and heavy bdsm. LOL
It was for a re-write for My Sweet Prince. I won't give too many details, just to say why would my character be interested in a man who 'raped' him in the first place? *bangs head on desk* So it was cuttin' time.

Anywho, in the meanwhile, I've been catching up on anime watching and manga reading when I'm not writing. Damn! Get so tied up in my stories that I forget about Bleach?? Absurd!!

Then I'm fighting not to start on any other projects until MSP is done!! Too many ideas, it's driving me batty!

Jun 23, 2011

Winks Winks

I'm having tons of fun!

Write or Die by Dr. Wicked

Check that ^^ out!

If you have problems getting your ass in gear to write (like me), try that! I've really up'd my word count, without worrying about editing as I write, in the last few days. It has a setting which will erase your words if you take too long of a pause... so don't dilly dally too long :)

I still got a long way to go though with My Sweet Prince. *sighs*
But I'm already itching for the next project. Something I would like to start on after MSP... it's a time-out from this fantasy/paranormal stuff. Yep, try some modern (chick fic) m/m erotic romance. LOL

Though I'm itching to start on the next in the series BNS too... which is unnamed at the moment.

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Jun 15, 2011

A few random things...

I updated my WIP's page to reflect my current to-do and ect...

Done with the rough draft of Wicked Intentions! Now it's editing and beta reading :)

Getting back to work on my third person writing project with a short fantasy story I talked about in my last post. Not sure what I'll do with it when I'm done...

In other news, I finally messed around on Twitter. I keep forgetting I'm even on there. Haha! But hey, at least I can keep up with my favorite author's WIP's *winks*

Jun 12, 2011

So, I'm back to work on Wicked Intentions. About time, eh? I have 700 words left, then I'm going to re-read over and edit while I throw a few chapters at a time to my beta reader.

Still haven't heard back from the publisher but that's okay. Gives me more time to work on these projects hehe.

And I haven't worked on the third person writing assignment like I was going to. Instead, I rendered a scene out in Poser and I'm going to write a short fantasy scene with it like a story board. I am hoping to self-publish it sometime, just for the hell of it.


In my arms, stood the only link between ageless eternity and death... And I couldn't protect him, to save his life.

Jun 3, 2011

An assignment for myself...

I'm giving myself an assignment. I love writing in 1st person... therefore any attempts at 3rd person have sounded, well... like utter shit!!
So everyday for the month of June, unless I work a long shift, I am going to write a short piece only in 3rd person. Let's say something short up to 2,500 words. Using random writing prompts from random places on the interwebs.

Why am I going through all this work?

Well, because I read time and time again that 3rd person is preferred over 1st person for numerous reasons. Everything from bad 1st person fanfic to needing to know what the other person is thinking. Now I can't say I relate to the bad fanfic reason, because I've never written fanfic (not counting my FullMetal Alchemist or Dragonball Z stories... shhh lol) but they were in 3rd person, I swear!! However, I can relate to the needing to know what the other person is feeling/thinking bit. Yeah, how many times did you wonder what Chris was thinking in Denial?? -- maybe I was the only one --

Why I can't get the hang of 3rd person is beyond me, and damn it *thumps fist on the desk* I'm going to find out!!

Anywho, I'm still playing the waiting game... it's only been 1 1/2 weeks since subbing, I'm in no hurry.

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May 25, 2011

Update here too

Well, I subbed for the first time. It's quite an experience... for me anyway. It's hard to explain really.
It's like when your a kid and you think "gah, I'm never letting anyone read my crappy drabble" LOL going to... "well, I guess I'll try it"

I received a conformation of receipt this morning so just gotta give it some time. In the meantime, I'm working on two other WIP's and preparing for a peaceful week ahead. :)

May 23, 2011

FYI: I'm still toying with the idea changing from WP to Blogger... but I think I'm happier here. Though posting pictures will always giving me probs.
And why the fuck is there this big area underneath my posts???

May 18, 2011

Plans for the next two weeks

1. Read some good books

2. Avoid BNS!!

3. When I'm done reading ... edit!

4. Moar edit

5. Work on My Sweet Prince *winks*

May 16, 2011

And I say

GAHHH!!! Am I bored as fuck!!!

Had a decent visit last week with the mother. "Decent" means damn good in our family, hey we didn't fight, that's always awesome haha. But after the long 7 smut-less days with the parent, I'm having a hell of a time trying to write anything.


I have a good, smexy scene coming up but I can not get it out of my mind and onto the word processor.  DAMN NUTS!!

But I did let my mom read Black Night Skies. Why? Because just a couple weeks ago, she said "I always thought everything you write was stupid." Well, here then... read this and her eyes lit up and she said "that's good." *happy dances*

And I do have a plan for summer. A long, novel length story... hot, wild sex... ya' know the kind. The stuff that gets ya sweatin', or some other kind of wet *winks*


A good day to write...

It's a lovely day to write.

thats all...

May 6, 2011


So as I sit silently waiting to hear back from my beta, I'm considering subbing to an e-pub.

I like doing research. I do it all the time. Researching for stories, researching writing stuff, etc... but I say DAMN!!

There are a lot of e-pubs out there.

What I'm looking for:

an e-pub that accepts erotic romance, an e-pub that specializes in fantasy categories i.e. supernatural, paranormal, sci-fi (not hard to find), series acceptance beyond 3 books - big one - and hard to find too, time from editing to publishing - 3 months? 12 months?

Notice I didn't say royalty, even though this is something I'm considering... many writers go into this making it their career. But whether I choose to e-pub or self-pub, I just want to write and be heard.

This, though, makes me wonder. Amazon has been taking a lot of M/M titles down, from novels to manga in the last few months. Okay wtf is up with that??

If I end up self-pubbing, I am aiming at Amazon (and Smashwords). So I wonder what's next in line to be taken down?

~ I'll stop now... soon I'll be posting cover art and other various artwork :)

May 3, 2011

Gotta get used to this

Yes, I must update this blog more often. So soon, I shall post some concept art from my current WIP's for ya'll to drool.


Apr 21, 2011

Peculiar Sensations - oneshot

First real post here and it's a doosy!

Title: Peculiar Sensations
Genre:  Crack fic, M/M erotica
Word Count: 2,831 +
Rating: M
Warnings: Adult content, adult situations, cross-dressing, sexual situations, tentacles.
A.N: This is a story written for a forum contest last year. First time writing crack fiction, i.e. A type of fanfic (or original fiction) that is intentionally unbelievable and insane; often humorous. -- Urban Dictionary --

Yeah, I don't know if it's truly that insane...

He stood there, his face reflecting from the bathroom mirror that hung on the wall. The room, quiet. All but a silent buzz from the hairdryer which was pressed up against the wet strands hanging down to his naked chest. He leaned in, focusing closely on his eyes as he continued to dry his hair.

While drying his hair, he carefully applied a generous amount of blue eyeshadow to his eyelid.

This was the night he's waited for, it had been months since he could enjoy this moment.

After the moisture was gone from the freshly dyed blonde strands of hair, he reached down for a curling iron sitting upon the counter below him. Carefully, twisting his hair around the straight rounded iron, he waited patiently before doing the same to the next lock of hair.

Once each strand was perfectly curled and feather, the final last step was puckered lips and a smear of apple red lipstick.

He stared at the reflection again. Once a young man stared back at him, now a dazzling feminine creature. He smiled and looked down. Time to dress.

He came out of the bathroom, around the corner into his bedroom. Quickly he found a long, silky night dress laid out over the mattress. He slipped it over his chest making sure to tuck it past his slender hips. Rapidly he moved to the closet, barreling towards a pile of high heel shoes that lay on the floor. He dug through until he could find the right match for the sky blue dress. Rising from the closet, shoes in hand, he sat on the bed and slipped them on his feet.

Another quick look into the portal, the full length mirror that sat in the corner of the room. He looked like a hottie. He would definitely go out with himself.

He leaned in, admiring himself. He held up his hand, brushing forward the smooth hairs from the tips of his cat ears. Maybe some earrings.

His transformation completed, with small silver hoops earrings plunged into the tips of his ears, he stepped out into the night.


A perfect full moon shined down on the club at the edge of town. Outside, several club-goers stood leaned up against the dirty brick wall. One couple, embraced in each other's arms, the woman's fingers tickled at the man's soft dander covering the tip of his ears.

He walked past them, taking the chance to wink a fearless eye at a man who stood along the wall.

Inside the club, the bass echoed loudly in every dark corner. The place was illuminated by bright neon lights circling around the crowd as they danced. The bar was packed. Everyone screaming their orders to the tired bartenders, money held out in their hands.

He found his way past the crowd, sitting down at the end of the swarm. His eyes wandered through the bunch. He spotted all kinds from prestigious business men to dangerously under dressed women, some seemingly much too young.

“What will it be?” He heard a voice, loud and persistent in his ear.

He looked up and saw the bartender, who's eyes wandered down his chest. He knew he wasn't baring anything, he had properly stuffed the sleek push up bra before leaving the house.

“Anything that will make me wet, baby...” His voice was light, feminine.

“Right,” The bartender smiled at the candy red lips, immediately reaching down under the bar for a bottle of liquor.

His eyes wandered again through the crowd, finally stopping on a young man standing in the corner some feet away. The toned, muscular man stood with drink in hand; his body covered in a dark button-up taffeta shirt and faded out Levi jeans. He couldn't help but stare. That is until the man's eyes drifted towards him.

“Here you are, sweetheart.” The bartender spoke up setting a glass upon the bar. The sound causing him to jump.

“Mmm, red's my favorite color you know,” He spoke of the faded crimson colored liquor in the glass.

“I'm sure it is, darling.” The bartender said with a smile.

He picked up the glass and slid off of his stool without another word. The bartender shot him a curious eye, soon the look turned to disappointment as he strutted off deeper into the crowd.

Where was he going?

Dancing through the crowd, he found many firm bottoms to grab as he went through. The faces of those he captured would turn in his direction, but he had pranced away before he was caught.

At the end of the stream of people, he found his way to the corner where the man he'd seen before was still standing. Sipping his drink slowly as he stood in the corner, his eyes peered in to the floor not bothering to look up at who was staring flirtatiously at him.

What was he to do now? He wondered.

“Hey sexy,” He voiced, still carrying a womanly tone with him.

The man's eyes looked up now, a shot of green sparkled out.

“What are you doing over here by yourself?” He asked the other man, who still stood drink in hand leaned up against the wall.

“I like being alone,” The man admitted, a dark somber tone from his lips.

“Aww... hate to hear it. You're too sexy to be here all alone.” He smiled as big as his lips could hold.

The man looked up at him as he danced over next to him. He leaned his shoulder on the wall, playfully stroking down the man's shirt collar.

“You're not from around here are you?” He asked the man, gracefully sneaking his fingers up the man's neck towards his short black hair in search for any sign of cat ears.

“You can say that.” The other shrugged his shoulder away from his touch.

Yet, he remained persistent to wrangle his catch.

“What's your name, gorgeous?” He asked.

“Devin,” The man said just before taking a sip of his beer.

“Mmm, Devin, huh?” He leaned up against the wall, arms folded upon each other. “Well, Devin. Welcome to Silverview. I can show you around if you want.” He turned to look at the other man who refused to meet his gaze.

“No thanks, I know my way around quite well.” Devin answered him as he looked up at the crowd.

The man pouted and leaned back upon the wall. What was he to do?

He looked up at the crowd again, each one of them dancing dangerously close to each other now as the tune of the music shifted. Then, his eyes wandered back to the man next to him. His hair short, curved around his human ears. He got the severe urge to slip the tip of his tongue around that ear, carving a line down to the mans neck; however he fought that yearning.

Suddenly, the man's eyes met his.

“What's your name anyway?” Came his voice.

He froze for a second before mumbling “Mandy”.

Devin stepped forward away from the wall, turning towards him and settled his shoulder on the wall next to him. In his eyes, he wore a glimmer of lust.

“Mandy,” his low voice hummed, “it seems I was cold earlier. I'd love for you to show me around.” Devin leaned in closer to his now trembling face.

He joined, leaning closer to Devin, in desperate attempt to catch his lips. Devin stepped back, grasping his arm before he could embrace him.

“Ah, not here though. Come on,” Devin ordered tugging at him.

They quickly removed themselves from the bar, leaving the crowd and the wondering bartender who's eyes followed the couple out the door.

Once outside, he tagged along behind Devin as his arm was still caught in his tight hold. Around the corner they moved, out of site from those who still hung out in the front of the building. It was dark in the alleyway they found just behind the club, perfect atmosphere to stop and lustfully seize each other.

In fact, they did exactly that. Devin was quick to shove him against the wall and plant a tasty, wet kiss upon his lips.

Devin promptly slipped his hand on the man's leg, wrapping it up around him. He felt the smooth, shaved skin underneath his fingers as his hand swooped up underneath his dress. Their lips remained clutched together, tongues curled around each other's in hot carnal motion.

Suddenly, the man felt something crawl around his leg. Pulling himself away from Devin he tried brushing away whatever it was, but it was gone.

The hell was that?” He wondered, clearing his voice to make sure he didn't blow his cover.

What was... what?” Devin asked back, disappointed their kiss ended so suddenly.

He shrugged it off. Maybe it was a leaf or something from the breeze? He thought to himself before quickly searching Devin's lips once more. However, suddenly Devin twisted him around to face the wall.

Shh..” Devin whispered. Kissing his neck softly, Devin's hands traveled around his body. Caressing his chest, massaging his back, and down to his thighs.

He stood against the wall, resting his forehead upon the cool brick. Breath heavy with Devin's wandering touch. As he inhaled a breath, he noticed a snaking like feeling once more only this time around his inner thigh. Yet in this sultry lustful moment he wasn't going to be bothered by such insignificant details. The strange feeling caused him to pant just as much as Devin's needful touch.

He felt the creeping move slowly up to his hardened member. Hot and sweaty he exhaled into a moan at the unknown touches. Under the softened lace panties, that snake moved until it stopped suddenly.

Quickly, Devin jumped back removing his hands away from him.

What the fuck! You're a … a...” Devin stared at him in shock.

He promptly turned to face Devin, a dastardly grin spelled out in his lips. Suddenly, Devin grabbed hold of the top of the dress, pulling it down from his shoulders. Baring a blue lace bra with the stuffing now exposed for Devin to see.

So what of it?” He asked. “Scared to stick your cock inside another man?”

Devin stood in shock, hesitating, thinking of what to say next.

That's not it,” Devin claimed. “I thought you were a...”

Psh, you couldn't tell? I'm damn good then!” He laughed, trying to slip the dress straps back up his arms.

You're fucked up in the head somewhere,” Devin cracked. He took a step to leave before hearing the other's voice rise up.

You must be a chicken shit then,” He chuckled. “Can't finish what you started.”

Devin charged at him, grabbing hold of his shoulders pinning him to the wall. “I'm not chicken shit!” He commanded.

Then what are you...” He stuttered before Devin caught his lips once more, the same lustful embrace as before.

Devin held him there in his tight grasp, his lips wandering to the man's neck. He nipped slightly with his teeth and ran his tongue down to the man's collar. This caused him to shutter, the overwhelming sense of delirium back once more. Such sensations running down his spine, he failed to note that crawling feeling once more. It curved it's way around his thigh, entering his panties up to his fluttering tight ring. He felt it tickle slightly, curving around his quivering rim. The intense feeling, he broke his passionate kiss and his head fell back on the brick as he gasped.

What the...” his head spinning, he couldn't finish what he wanted to say.

Devin grabbed hold of his chin with a tight grip. “Do you like that?”

Panting and sweating with this unknown existence circling his firm gap, he squirmed and shook his head 'yes'.

Had that pleasurable feeling come from Devin? The question crossed his mind for a moment, until he felt the thing press into his sultry hole. Entering his tight heat, this unknown thing moved slowly, tickling every inch causing him to hunger for more.

Devin reached out, catching his exposed bra to rip it from his chest. It fell to the ground as Devin began to pinch at his nipples with slight pressure before lowering his tongue to circle around the tender buds. The blue dress hung at his hips, had it not been for this strange and unknown entity keeping it around his waist.

Out in the dark alley, the two wrapped their arms around each other, uncaring of anyone who could happen past them. With his depths being explored, he moaned to the pleasure.

Ah, fuck,” He spouted, almost collapsing to his knees.

He felt the tickle, slight thrusting up against his secret spot. Devin kept a hold around him as the exploration continued.

A whimper came from his lips followed by several vulgar moans.

What is this?” He sputtered. “You haven't even...”

You knew I wasn't from around here.” Devin told.

Then it's you?” He questioned, his eyes wide now in awe.

Devin stepped back and he spotted a large, black tenticle spiking out from underneath Devin's legs. It lead straight under his dress and he could only imagine that is what was pleasuring him this entire time.

Holy sh..” He cursed, however Devin stopped him. Pushed him back against the wall, Devin looked him in the eyes.

I have my secrets as well,” Devin smiled, pressing himself in further.

The man gasped, almost collapsing again if it wasn't for Devin's tight hold around him.

Come on, let me hear it louder!” Devin thrust himself deeper causing him to moan. The sound echoing through out the dark alley.

Devin grabbed hold of his chin once more, catching his blue eyes sparkle “What's your real name?”

Jirou,” the man groaned under his breath.

Well, Jirou, you think you're real special don't you?” Devin grunted.

He looked up in curiosity. “A special fuck to you, maybe.”

Don't tempt me!” Devin moved deeper causing Jirou to pant under his breath.

Then fuck me right, damn it!” Jirou demanded.

Devin looked at him in wonder. His eyes focused in on Jirou's.

It's some human mask, isn't it? You're hiding for a reason, but that body has a cock... fucking use it!” Jirou explained.

Devin slowly retracted his vein from inside Jirou. He stood in shock, in wonder for a moment before promptly turning Jirou around until his face was pressed up against the wall like before. He quickly moved to undo his belt buckle and unbutton his jeans from around his waist. He pulled his pants down slightly, exposing his plump, hardened member to Jirou's naked back side.

Had he never performed this type of action while in this human form, yet he knew that his tenticles had already provided a perfectly wet atmosphere for his length to slip inside. He directed the organ straight inside Jirou's tight depths, baring down on this new intense feeling. He thrust against Jirou's hips, his hands guiding the motion while Jirou pushed back.

Grunting and moaning so loud that it echoed through out the gloomy alleyway however the two did not bother to hush their lascivious tones. Both bodies sweating against each other as Devin thrust, he reached around and grabbed the other's rigid length in a tight grip.

Jirou panted, his forehead rest upon the cool brick, closing his eyes he could feel his release soon to come. With Devin's strong fist stroking his throbbing shaft, a stream of creamy white came erupting down over Devin's fingers. It splashed against the wall below Jirou and he opened his eyes to see the sticky fluid drip to the ground.

Immediately came Devin's euphoria, and he was quick to pull himself out and plant himself against Jirou's back. His seed spilled from his still erect cock as he massaged his length against the crook of Jirou's back.

They both immediately looked around the alleyway, their eyes traveling towards the light in search of anyone who would have possibly seen their actions. Yet, there was no one around.

Jirou was the first to move, picking his belongings up from the ground. He secured his dress around his waist, pulling the straps up his shoulders, then placed a wondering eye on Devin who was much slower to fasten his belt.

Well, that was fun.” Jirou spoke, catching Devin's attention as he smoothed out the wrinkles in his shirt. “I guess we all have secrets, hmm?”

Devin stood silent as Jirou pranced himself out of the dark alley way. “Welcome to Silverview!” he heard Jirou's voice echo out from the light.