Feb 21, 2016

Hunter's Journey - coming soon!

Coming soon from Azalea Moone!

Hunter's Journey
Dreamtide 1.5

On his way home through the forest, Kohaku meets a strange teller who begs to read his fortunes. The one thing Kohaku has always wondered comes to his mind: what is his true purpose as a dragon summoner? However, the encounter quickly turns from pleasing to vicious, as the teller proves to be a thief.

Nearby, Sawyer is stationed along the trail with his troops, ready to prosecute summoner’s at a moment’s call. He’s dreamed of the day he could rid the country of dragons and their summoners. Those dreams haunt him every night.

At last, his wish is granted when there’s a report of a dragon sighting nearby. Could this finally be the chance he’s waited for?

A prequel to Malrith’s Shield, Book One of the Dreamtide series.

Kindle Unlimited -- Yea or Nay?

Kindle Unlimited... seems like the most popular option for any self-published author these days. It's easy, it's packed with readers(?), and they have promo opportunities. Every day, there are new authors asking "Is this the right choice for my book?"

I mean, it kind of sucks that Amazon needs at least 90 day exclusivity, but it could lead to some awesome sales in that time, right? Then after those 90 days, an author can choose not to renew and upload their books to other distributors.

However, I'm also seeing A LOT of readers asking authors to reconsider. This, I can relate to. I have a Kindle, but would I buy a subscription to Unlimited? No. Why?

Because I don't really care for Amazon's policies. I've never been too fond of the Kindle Select program from the beginning. Don't get me wrong, I was interested in trying it, but then when they changed it to pages being read instead of books sold, and that irked me more. Now, they've lowered the already meager earnings per pages read... *shakes head in disappointment*

So what's next, Amazon? Wait! Don't even tell me how you'll screw over authors next.

There are a few other issues the rise of Kindle Unlimited have introduced. I will save those for another rant post, after I have observed how these problems have affected the community in a whole. Cause that's what I like to do -- observe trends and issues.

So, the real reason of this post: Readers want variety. Not all of you have a Kindle, or enjoy Amazon. I can totally understand that. You can expect all of Azalea Moone's books to be available wherever digital books are sold, not just in one spot.

All Romance Ebooks
Barnes & Noble

My website: http://azaleamoone.weebly.com/  covers everywhere my books are sold. I should add B&N links, too. Plus, you can find my books on other platforms.

In truth, if you're looking for a "borrowing" program like Unlimited, I've recently found Hoopla for my smartphone and Overdrive for my Kindle, which I use both. They both require you to have an account with your local library (and the library must participate in both programs).

Want to borrow "Malrith's Shield"? It's available on Hoopla *winks* to read for free for one month!

Jan 16, 2016

Damn, I completely forgot to update this!

Holy crap, I forgot to update this! I was going to wish ya'll a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and all that, but whoopsi!

I've been quite busy with writing, family, appointments galore...

So, yeah. Hope everyone had wonderful holiday celebrations!

And while I'm here, you can now grab some perma-discounts of my older self-published books:

Dark Night Skies books 1-3 for .99 cents, and the collection is now 2.99 (from 3.99)
For the Long Haul .99 cents

Find them every where books are sold!

As for the plans for this month and next, I'm going to *ahem* try to redo this blog and my website design. We'll see how that goes...

Dec 9, 2015

Mindful Writing - The Key to Finishing That Novel

Have you heard of mindfulness? I hadn't either...

Okay, so I have been really bad at updating this blog. So in an attempt to post at least once a month, I've decided to share some writing things that not only writers can benefit from.

I am a natural worry-wart. Everyday is something new, but not really: I worry about my kids, I dwell about money, and I ruminate about fears of the future. You know, a lot of people worry. At times these obsessions consume me to the point where I cannot focus on anything else. I grow anxious and depressed, and find myself on a slippery slope.

Well, after my last bout of depression, I began to attend a women's group focused on Mindfulness. I've never been good at sticking through with new therapies. I've tried all sorts of things in the past but nothing really seemed to work. So taking in this mindfulness stuff sounded like another failed attempt,  but I went to group once a week because hell it was better than sitting at home dwelling.

What is Mindfulness? It's simple, really. It's the focus of "one thing at a time". Being mindful of yourself, your surroundings, the babble in your brain at any given time, and then how to focus on only one of those things at a time.

Now, this isn't a raving post to tell you all how Mindfulness actually ended up curing my obsessive thoughts, and bla bla bla, because I still get to be a bumbling worry-wart. In which I am! All the time! But that's okay. :)

But what it did was help me focus on the voices in my head (the worrying) and taught me to stay in the moment without them consuming me. I still fret over sometimes unnecessary things, but now I can obtain whether there is a real threat or if my mind has entered "story mode". LOL That is what I call it anyway. When the mind dwells, it can imagine ANYTHING! It's really just fear and trepidation... your mind is always thinking. And when there's anxiety around it, it tends to throw in worst case scenarios.

After I figured that out, I decided to see if mindfulness could help me in my writing attempts. Yes, the fret and anxiety even took over my most beloved hobby. At times, I would sit and "try" to write, but instead I was thinking all sorts of things: Will readers even like this? What publisher should I send this to? Gosh, I so do not want to edit this when it's time. And over, and over again, I would spend hours fretting, and only have maybe 100 words written. And I considered them all junk.

When I learned about mindfulness, I figured there had to be a way to incorporate that into writing. OMG! I thought using mindfulness in my real life was hard, but trying to apply it to when I was writing? No, fucking way.

How can mindful writing help, then? Well, it takes practice and a "turning of the mind" so to speak. To constantly use the saying "I am just going to write, right now". Because there is nothing else in this moment. No editing, no publishing, nothing. Then, sit down and write. Allow the words to flow, regardless of rules. This is the first draft, nothing matters most than just getting this down.

I'd never been able to write a novel until I sat my ass down and wrote mindfully last year. Today, I have my 3rd novel finished, and ideas for troubled novels that I thought would never see the light.

When I takes notes, I do my research just then. I figure out character names beforehand so nothing disturbs my writing. And if, for any reason I cannot write, I applaud myself for what I have accomplished and plan a better time for myself, usually a couple hours later or the next day.

I've listened to other writers talk about their writing habits and wondered how the hell they do it. Now, I think I've figured out what works for me.

Are you interested I giving it a shot? Even if you're not a writer, mindfulness can help no matter what you apply it to. It just takes 5 minutes. (Okay, this is a 7 minute video, but mindfulness meditations only take 5 minutes.)

FYI: I am not a paid spokesman (or whatever). I truly feel mindfulness works for me, and wanted to share my experience.

Nov 30, 2015

Have you read it yet?

If you never had a chance to read "Project Wasteland" well you're in luck! 

Coming December 10th from Evernight Publishing: 

Operation Wasteland: Aftermath

The "reboot" of the original!

After a great disaster that killed millions, the world turned a sweltering, deserted wasteland. Ten years later, hybrid droid Randy Hawkins is starting his fifth rescue mission for the Rescue and Reconnaissance Unit. In search for survivors, his assignment takes him further south into America than he’s been before, wondering if anyone would still be alive in this desolate tract.

Someone is, and meeting lone survivor Preston turns his resolve upside down. Preston is a caretaker of his own group, keeping them alive no matter what, just like a strong, brave, and gorgeous leader would. Now Randy must decide: follow his mission strategy and persuade Preston to come back with him, or fall dangerously in love with the man, despite the chaos looming ahead.