Sep 9, 2014

Coming soon - Project Wasteland book 1 - and excerpt!

Coming soon!
Project Wasteland: The Forgotten
A new sci-fi by Azalea Moone.

It's a harsh world out there. A wasteland of destruction and chaos. 
Randy Hawkins, a hybrid droid, is on his fifth rescue mission in search for
survivors. Though the land is sweltering and harsh, he finds a troupe of 
survivors, overtaken my disease and filth. Their lead man, Preston, 
keeps them alive by any means necessary.

In this excerpt, Preston has just prepared to gather rain water from an oncoming storm.
It's a chance that might not work out, it hasn't rained in over three years, but it's worth
a shot. They take shelter inside an underground bunker, praying for rain when...


I laid my jacket out on the table and took a deep breath. What a wild night. But Preston did have a good plan, I had to admit. If he could distill the rainwater, it would serve as perfectly good drinking water for him, and his survivors he was so adamant on protecting. Thunder continued to rumble outside. I wondered if the survivor camp was also getting the rain.
“It’s...” Preston gasped behind me.
I turned around briefly, suddenly realizing the air was hot in the bunker, drying the sticky sweat on my lower back—the area my equipment didn’t temperature regulate properly. Preston’s eyes were wide, staring at my machinery. I couldn’t imagine what he was thinking.
“Go ahead and say it.” I moved back to the table and situated the jacket, making sure the sleeves weren’t bunched up. “It’s disgusting, right?”
“No. It’s awesome.” His excited reply shocked me. “Can I touch it?”
I shrugged. “If you want.”
Footsteps sounded behind me. The warmth of his presence as he stood near made me tremble. His breath was heavy as he ran his fingers across the chrome metal parts of my outer forearm, but I couldn’t feel his touch. “It’s warm,” he whispered. He flattened his hand across what was my elbow and continued inching his way up to my shoulder.
“Of course it is.” The metal infused into my skin and joints was meant to imitate flesh as much as possible, while giving me necessary protection, though I wished I could feel his caress. The metal didn’t replicate touch.
I turned to face him, and he continued his exploration, grazing his fingers against the chrome metallic parts inserted into my chest. His hot breath whisked past my neck, teasing the small hairs there as he stepped around me. I tried to bite back the tremendous need his inspection was causing. The flush in my face growing each second.
Preston’s fingers caressed my naked neck. I closed my eyes and almost quaked as his fingers tickled the backside of my ear. “Nothing here?”
I shook my head. “Invisible. Chips inserted into the brain send messages pertaining to my missions.”
“Unbelievable. I always wondered how you guys worked.” He moved to my back, each time he touched my bare skin, I jolted. But his fingers always found another piece of metal, and the excitement wavered when I couldn’t feel him anymore.

Aug 22, 2014

Summer sale is over. New permanent price change!

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Jun 23, 2014

2014 AW erotica author's blog hop!

This giveaway is closed. The winner will be announced July 13th!!

Welcome to the 2014 AW Erotica Author's blog hop! For 2+ weeks, learn more about some awesome author's from Absolute Write forums and enter for your chance to win books and prizes!

This is the first stop in our two week event. I'm here with Anais Morgan, author of Assist Me and other M/F and M/M titles.

Welcome Anais to the blog!

So, is it easier to write action, sex, or emotional scenes?
I think action is easiest. The movement and breaking down it down seems to come naturally for me. I see what’s going on in my head and write what I see. Emotional is the hardest by far because trying to get the reader emotionally invested can be difficult.

Is there a story you want to write but feel the market is too crowded for?
I have a vampire romance during the zombie apocalypse written. It’s one of my favorite stories, and I did submit to some agents and publishers, but was told that vampire romances are dead. I hope vampires aren’t totally burned out because I love reading them.

If you could steal any erotic author’s career, whose would it be?

I don’t want to steal anyone’s career. Their money? Of course. I’ve heard EL James is filthy rich. But I want to create my own brand. Although an author I’ve been reading recently I would love to write like her.

Tell us a little bit about your main character from your WIP:

My WIP is the sequel to my short story, Assist Me. The books center around a vampire family, the Wictreds, that is truly a sadistic bunch. The main character is Mary Scott. She’s a woman that was raised and trained to become a blood slave to the Wictred vampire family. They don’t make survival easy for her. I love toying with her. Once she thinks she’s safe they prove she isn’t, but Mary is a strong woman and grows and evolves with her surroundings. Solomon, one of the vampires, enjoys watching her squirm.

Does your main character have a catch phrase/pick up line?

Solomon doesn’t really have a catch phrase. His pick up line would be “You want to have sex?” But he does call Mary “Virgin” because, well, she is one. It’s a name that is meant to demean but later changes to a way to show love.

What would your main character say is their sexiest feature?

Solomon would say that he couldn’t pick, but may settle on his fangs. He says a vampire’s fangs are like their dick-meant to draw moisture from the girl and a hell of a good time for him.

What would your character say is least sexy?

Solomon is too egotistical to think he’s less than perfect.

Was there a scene (no spoilers) that you enjoyed writing most in your current WIP?

Three things: Vampire, woman, bathtub.

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This is a dark paranormal erotic romance that contains some scenes and acts that may be triggering to some readers. While this does have a happy ending, please be advised.

Betty is like any fresh-from –college woman: she is in need of a job. She applies and is hired as the personal assistant to Deacon Wictred. All she’s told is he deals in human relations. Far from it.

On her first day, Betty meets Deacon and is immediately taken by his good looks. When he puts her against his door and gives her the best orgasm she’s ever had, this job has more promise than she first expected. But there’s a catch. Deacon is a vampire who makes sure that other vampires always have a blood slave.

Betty doesn’t think she can hand peoples’ lives over so easily, but she can’t quit or she’ll be killed to keep her silence. She is given a piece of advice-Deacon loves a strong woman. She soon realizes that she has more power over her vampire boss than she originally thought.


Now, here's your chance to win a book by Azalea Moone!

Leave a comment with your email address. One lucky commenter will win the book of their choice from my backlist AND $5 gift bucks from All Romance Ebooks!!

Jun 16, 2014

Summer is coming!

Good grief, after this winter, it's great to announce that summer is coming!

Yes, I know I've been way too quiet here, despite my earlier promise to post more. Honestly, I hadn't been writing much since recently, so I've been living my real life instead.

That's okay. Nothing wrong with that.

But I do have some ideas of what I'd like to post about. One: look forward to the Absolute Write Blog Hop starting on June 23rd. This is YOUR CHANCE TO WIN some fabulous prizes from erotica/erotic romance authors from Absolute Write Water Cooler forums! The first post will be here on my blog, and I'll be interviewing the fabulous Erika Lindsen.

And then... I'd like to start a new weekly post titled "Monday Mindfulness" talking about how authors and readers alike can use mindfulness in their daily lives. Finding mindfulness and using it has really been inspirational for me, and as we all know, life can really throw us curve balls. That's just an idea.

Anyway, I've been writing lately. Getting all caught up on Project Wasteland book 2 and I'm planning the release for book 1. Oh, and I've been playing around with MMD, making Gintama characters dance and rendering out videos to Youtube. Eh, silly or not, I don't care. I'm a total otaku, so fuck it!

And, just a side note that probably don't matter much to anyone reading this, but I might get rid of my Livejournal. Any other blogging site like LJ (not DW) that I could use for random anime stuff? Or should I post stuff like here? Or maybe I could use my "other" blog on Blogger... LOL

Argh, I have too many blogs!

Mar 24, 2014

Where is spring? Mindful waiting.

Where is spring? Has it sprung for you yet?

Here in Nebraska it has not. Nope. Basically Mother Nature has decided to trick us. The first day of spring it was beautiful. As the weekend progressed, it turned cold again and even snowed on Saturday. Ugh. The grass is slowly trying to green, as the trees are also trying to bud, but Ole' Man Winter just won't let go of the reins.

Oh well... It will come.

And that leads me to my next discussion. So what have I been up to lately? It's been an awfully quiet winter, mainly because I've been struggling with personal stuff. But I do have several upcoming releases that will be officially posted on my website as soon as I have a new computer built. :)

One thing I've been learning lately is how to be more mindful. What is that? Well, you might have heard the sayings: "Stop and smell the roses" or "Live for today." It's the goal of living in the present moment, day to day. We all live in a busy world and that rush tends to run us ragged. You know that "personal stuff" I talked about in the previous paragraph is the reason why I decided to try this mindfulness stuff. And it's been quite beneficial, for the most part.

As author's, I believe we could all use a little more mindfulness in our everyday tasks. I know I'm always so impatient to see a new upcoming release, so I'll concentrate too much into the future to really think about what's happening right now. Or I'm always scared of rejection, even when I've just sent in a manuscript, again worried too much about the future to miss out on the opportunities of today.

Feeling overwhelmed? Try this: In a quiet setting, sit upright in your chair, couch, bed, where ever. Take a deep breath, feeling the air enter your nostrils and your belly expanding, then exhale. Focus on your breathing - sometimes it helps to think to yourself: when you breath in, think "IN". When you breath out, think "OUT". Let any other thought, good or bad, pass by without being judgmental about them. Do this for five minutes.

How do you feel?

It takes practice. I'm definitely not there yet, but the main goal of that exercise is to relax yourself, not calm your mind, but to let the thoughts come and go just as they are without letting them consume you.

Want to learn more? Check out some mindfulness videos on Youtube. The breathing exercise will help with all sorts of situations.