Nov 6, 2015

Best Banter #1 of NaNo2015!

This has gotta' be one of the best conversations I've written in a NaNo, ever...
From Nightscapes and Dreadsongs. NaNo 2105

“If you want a truly good time, I should take you to Benshal someday and we’ll explore the red light district.”
“Red light district?”
“Oh yeah, best time is in late summer when the women are dressed in thin skirts and tops that expose the bottom of their breasts.” Pax cupped his hands in front of his tunic, demonstrating exactly where the shirt ended. “And if you prefer, the men are quite attractive and well equipped.”
“The men?” Aleksi asked a little loudly, earning him an awkward glare from the driver of a cart that was passing by.
“Shh! Not so loud, will you.” Pax steered his pony closer so they could talk privately. “But like I was saying... You’re probably not interested in the men.”
Aleksi shrugged. “I’m more surprised you are.”
“I’ve been wed to both, actually. My first wife was a mage like me, who joined in my pursuit on the sea.” He lowered his voice. “She died during a freak storm when the ship went under.”
Aleksi’s heart panged.
“After that, I’d said I’d never marry again, but I met a man in Benshal. He worked under a peddler in the district. Didn’t deserve his beatings. So I rushed off with him against his master’s wishes and we married aboard the ship I was employed with.”
“What happened to him?” Aleksi wondered.
“He grew seasick much too quickly and begged we drop him off at the nearest port.”
Aleksi gasped. “So you were married to him for a day?”
“More like a few hours.” Pax laughed. “I haven’t been too lucky in love, really. No, the rest of my days have been filled with frequent tidings with crewmates and the whores in Benshal.” He focused in on Aleksi and tipped his head. “Please don’t tell me your still a virgin.”
Aleksi went stark flush. “I believe that is none of your concern.”
“You have then. I can tell by how red your cheeks are.” Pax smiled brightly. “Yep, I think when this is over, I’ll take you to Benshal for your first experience.”
“No, thank you.”
“Oh, come on. You’ll enjoy it. No demands on your part really. It’s all just a game there. If you have the money, of course.”
“I’ll...” Aleksi turned to view the long passage of fields to his right. “Think about it.”

Nov 5, 2015

NaNo 2016 and a Rebranding (of sorts)

Whoo hoo! Give it up for NaNoWriMo 2016! Are you participating?

It's been a few years since I have, but decided to go for the gold and participate in this year's event. Knock on wood, I have a good lead on the wordage and hope to have something to share soon. I will share one thing:

This story is about a man who falls for someone who tries to kill him.


Lies and deceit - by both MC's

Hmm, I'm not sure what else yet. I'm only to 8k as of this post.

In any case (fuck! It's hard to type this blog post with a sticky keyboard - darn kids.), if you haven't noticed, I've had a few fantasy and sci-fi releases in the last year and a half. Well, this is me "kind-of-ish" rebranding my writing style.

If you've followed along with Azalea over these first four years, you will notice in my biography or my about me was this line:

"She also has a new-found interest in sci-fi and fantasy."

And I have dearly enjoyed the fantasy genre since I discovered my interest in it. What does this mean? This means I will be focusing a lot on writing/publishing fantasy, sci-fi, and paranormal, while I leave contemporary alone for awhile.


Yep! Why? Simply because while I still have an interest in it, I just cannot find pleasure in writing it. It's not magical enough. Unless I'm writing urban fantasy, LOL.

So, yes, expect more fantasy coming in the next few years, as well as a continuation to Operation Wasteland,  a re-release of my previously self-published book. And possibly a lot more. *winks*

And freebies! If I can get my arse in gear for those.

Have a wonderful November!

Aug 2, 2015

Available for pre-order!

Now available for pre-order at Liquid Silver Books:

Malrith's Shield!

It's finally available, guys! :)

The official blurb is coming soon, but here's a little teaser.

In a world where dragons are killed on sight and their summoners executed, Kohaku finds love in the arms of Sawyer, the hunter who saved his life. Together, the two search for a missing dragon and dare to fight the evil that threatens them all. Azalea Moone breathes life into a world filled with magic in her new fantasy romance novel, Malrith’s Shield.

Jul 4, 2015

Now Available: Token of Hope!

Now Available:

Token of Hope

A "Love is an Open Road" story presented by the
Goodreads M/M Readers group!

Read free here (members only): 
Official downloads will be available very soon!

May 29, 2015

Summer Full of Releases! And "That Moment You Realize..."

It's going to be a busy summer here with writing, editing, releases, and more. Here's the rundown of everything going on.

1. M/M Goodreads group Don't Read in the Closet 2015!!
I have cover pretties to share for my story in the DRitC anthology:

My story is titled "Token of Hope" and it's my first official step into writing fantasy. I've always been quite interested in the genre, but I was also a little scared to try. I'm still a little intimidated. This story will be released sometime soon.

2. "Project Wasteland book 2, The Chaos": I'll release this book soon, depending on the release schedule of the other books this summer. I had intended to release in June but it may be delayed.

3. "Malrith's Shield": Also coming soon!! My first full length M/M romance fantasy novel. :)

Okay, now how about that moment you realize... that the 15,000 words you've already written need to be overhauled because the plot has changed? Yeah, that. *sighs* I have a lot of rewriting to do.